saving money with outsourcing

Are you looking for an Access developer to migrate your databases to Microsoft’s database system? Or are you planning to build a completely new database? In both cases, it is well worth it to give the contract to an external provider. Once the setup and main work is completed, your employees can easily use the database and can build further.

Looking for an Access developer? Why not Excel?

As far as the differences between Excel and Access go, Access is somewhere between spreadsheet and powerful client-server database – the relational database software forms a connecting link between simple end user requirements, and critical company applications.

Access combines multiple tables by relational algebra, basically a mathematical description of a table and its relationship to other possible tables.

Although Excel and Access both work with tables, and can be easily controlled through programmed input masks, there are very basic differences to Access as a relational database. It starts at the typical data types for columns – that means you cannot mix data types like dates and names in a column.

Access enables calculations without you constantly needing to change the references (A1, E5, F$ 2) like in Excel. The calculations “speak”, formulas to calculate a sales are about [quantity * price] and not expressed by [A2 * B2]. This avoids many errors.

The logical structure of Access also minimises existing data redundancy. All data values are clearly defined in Access and don’t need their location referenced with codes like in Excel. Excel will quickly reach its limits in complex calculations, because long formulas and wild cross references are needed.

If you are looking for an Access developer, it usually involves a much more powerful database than Excel, one which is used by a large group of people and which needs to be maintained. In contrast to Excel, Access is multiuser access. In Excel only one user has permission to write, and everyone else will be read only.

Excel will also quickly reach its limits in searches and filters, while in Access the results of queries can be accessed in seconds.

Indian Access developers: searched for, found and saved money!

If you are looking for a good Access developer, you can realise huge cost savings by Outsourcing to India. Outsourcing4work has provided these IT professionals for years, and can easily find experienced specialists in Access. In contrast to the software developers we can also provide, Access database development is a manageable task.

We do not work as purely a provider, but we are also your European contracting partner to provide legal certainty. In addition, we support our clients with our own project managers to ensure everything runs smoothly during implementation.