Professional Shop Software

Do you want to open an online shop, but do not know how? Then you should rely on expert advice. Luckily, nowadays almost anyone can easily open a professional internet shop that has the right products. There is now a wide range of good shop software solutions that do not cost as much as they did in the early days of e-commerce.

Opening an internet shop: the two classic routes

If you would like to open an internet shop, you no longer need to spend a lot of time developing it from the ground up. More professional shop software exists than you can count, and there are always new providers with new ideas entering the market. In addition to pure internet shop products, you can also differentiate between e-commerce extensions for content management systems (CMS), but more on that later.

Professional shop software

The most widely used e-commerce shop platform by far is Magento. Magento was initially developed as an open source platform by a company with the same name, and then bought by the online portal EBay in 2011. The parent company has continued to further develop the shop software. According to statistics from W3Techs, Magento runs on more than one percent of all websites, making it top dog in its field. The German shipping pioneer Zalando also used Magento in its earlier years, until it developed its own online shop software.

In addition to Magento, you can also use a number of other providers to open an internet shop. Every system has its pros and cons, even Magento, and you can find a detailed comparison of what suits your segment and brand attached. The better known Magento alternatives include OXID eShop, Hybris, PrestaShop, osCommerce, Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce. Intershop and Shopware are also two German providers who are popular.

E-commerce extensions for CMS

If you want to open a small to medium sized internet shop and offer extensive content in addition to an online shop, then e-commerce modules for content management systems like WordPress are a good choice. WordPress makes it easy to expand an online shop with expansions such as WooCommerce, GetShopped, Jigoshop, wpShopGermany or Shopp. The most important advantage by far is that you can easily use your website and shop via the convenient interface.

You can also open an internet shop in a similar manner with Joomla or Drupal, also very popular CMS. Joomla has the expansions VirtueMart, RedShop, Hikashop, while Drupal has Drupal Commerce and Ubercart – all exceptional shop systems.

Indian experts: open an internet shop and save money

Setting up an internet shop is usually done by a specialised web agency. If you hand over the work to India, then you will save yourself a lot of money.

You can open your own internet shop with Outsourcing4work and the help of an Indian IT professional. We can provide you with certified experts for Magento, Shopware and more, as well as experienced shop developers for WooCommerce and other CMS based shop systems.

We have many years of experience in CMS and e-commerce development, and will find the right partner for you easily in our large network. Our own project managers will manage the specialists to ensure that your ideas are efficiently and quickly implemented. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security