For many companies, nearshore software development is the first foray into the Outsourcing world. And it’s usually only done out of necessity. The search for a suitable software developer will often start to drag on because many employers will be competing for the same candidates. IT professionals are accordingly picky and, in addition to the salary, pay attention to numerous additional factors such as location, corporate culture, flexible work schedules and work perks.

With nearshore software development you will bring the right professionals into your company without having to permanently hire them. In contrast to other models, nearshore software development refers to software developers who are in the same time zone as you. This facilitates communication and coordination because both the client and the nearshore software development provider share the same working hours.

Onshore vs. nearshore software development

Onshore software development still has a greater proximity to the client since only providers from the same country are used. Business partners speak the same language, contracts are made within the same legal and economic framework and it is easy visit the client’s company. Since there is almost no cost advantage to onshore software development, European companies use this alternative far less than nearshore software development.

Offshore vs. nearshore software development

The cost advantages are significantly higher with offshore software development from a European perspective, and India plays the main role as the most important location for offshore Outsourcing providers. The Asian country has positioned itself as an important IT nation and offers more than 55% of all Outsourcing services worldwide. The combination of excellently trained software developers, English as a working language and low salaries which are almost unrivalled make it hard for other countries to compete. Many companies are then happy to accept more challenging coordination across multiple time zones for these advantages.

How you can combine offshore with onshore Outsourcing

With Outsourcing4work you can combine the low rates of offshore Outsourcing to India with the comfort of onshore Outsourcing. With our help you can realise complete software projects in India, and at the same time conclude the contract in Europe. Not only do you conclude the contracts with us as a European company, but you will also benefit from the convenience of a European contact partner.

We work with our own project managers who are specialised in Agile/Scrum and who will take over a large part of the technical coordination for you. We adapt ourselves to your needs with our flexible order models – you can choose between a project at a fixed price or on an hourly basis. You can also hire a team with multiple IT professionals in India for especially complex projects which will work exclusively for you.