Offshoring-outsourcing to India is popular

What does offshoring mean to you? You have at least heard of Outsourcing before. If you think of cruises and ships when you hear offshoring, then it is time to learn.

Offshoring-Outsourcing is the modern form of handing over business tasks and structures to external service providers in distant lands in a more globalised world. In traditional Outsourcing within Europe companies mainly use it in order to focus more on their core business, while in offshoring-Outsourcing the significantly lower costs in low-wage countries play a role.

Offshoring-Outsourcing to India is popular

India plays a key role in offshoring-Outsourcing thanks to its colonial background and its high IT expertise. The Asian country holds a considerable share of 55% of the international Outsourcing market. International clients can appreciate the excellent English language skills in comparison to its largest competitor, China, as well as a relatively non-bureaucratic management style.

Even large corporations are taking advantage of offshoring-Outsourcing and have built up their own large locations in India over the years. IBM employs more than 150,000 Indian employees, Accenture 80,000 and even the software giant Oracle is well represented with 31,000 employees.

Offshoring-Outsourcing is also possible for smaller projects

In addition to major companies with their own locations, there is also a large number of IT service companies which offer their services to international clients. Indian Outsourcing providers stand out for their software development and for business process Outsourcing (BPO).

In business process Outsourcing, simple and often very repetitive tasks such as data entry, photo editing or catalogue management are given over to external providers. But there are also more complex tasks included in business process Outsourcing such as market research, which requires high expertise.

How you can benefit from offshoring-Outsourcing

With the help of Outsourcing4work you can also take advantage of offshoring-Outsourcing to India for your company. With us, you will reduce costs for very labour intensive tasks with BPO, and you can rely on the concentrated knowledge of Indian IT professionals. Creating websites and online shops, app development and SAP or MySQL database development are just a few examples of what is possible with us.

Outsourcing4work is therefore not purely a service provider, but it takes on the responsibility for the success of your project as a European contract partner. Our own project managers ensure successful communication and cooperation throughout the entire project between you and the Indian partners.