India has long held the leading position for IT offshoring. The Asian country holds a considerable share of 55% of the international Outsourcing market. Clients from all over the world appreciate the relatively unbureaucratic management in the country, as well as the high IT expertise of Indians.

While China rose to economic power as the so-called workbench of the world over the last decades, India developed itself as the market leader in the area of IT services. As a former English colony and established democracy, India found it easy to enter the global collaborative economy.

The fluent English language skills of an emerging Indian middle class played a large role in the rise to the world’s most respected IT offshoring nation. English is the second native language for more educated Indians and, therefore, for Indian IT professionals, who completed school and university in English. In difficult situations this makes it much easier to be able to communication with international clients. IT professionals from China or other low-wage countries are at a definite disadvantage.

IT offshoring is not only worth it for large corporations

Before the turn of the century, the first large Outsourcing wave hit India as branches became established there. British Airways was suffering from increasing competition and high staff costs at the end of the 1990s, and moved a division of 300 employees to India.

Meanwhile, many major corporations became active in IT offshoring, and companies in the IT sector built up their own sites in India. IBM employs more than 150,000 Indian employees, Accenture 80,000 and even the software giant Oracle is well represented with 80,000 employees.

Thanks to the internet revolution and the expansion of broadband connections, IT Outsourcing changed and became a large, completely virtual service Outsourcing sector. Thanks to IT offshoring nearly every service can be affordably outsourced to India, from web design to business process Outsourcing (BPO) for office jobs, digital photo editing, up to application software and mobile apps.

If you are considering software development or other complex IT services Outsourcing to India, you will be in good company and will not need to enter the market alone. In India there are companies specialised in offshore IT Outsourcing with hundreds or even thousands of employees who specialise in the specific needs of long-distance cooperation.

Professional support when offshoring

If you would like to take advantage of IT offshoring for your company, we are glad to help. We provide specialised IT professionals from all areas for cooperation with international clients. Creating websites and online shops, app development and SAP or MySQL database development are just a few examples of activities that can be outsourced to India with us.

We do not only act solely as a provider for IT offshoring, but also assume responsibility for implementation as your European contract partner. We ensure that your orders are processed exactly as you want them to be. We use our own project managers who are trained in Scrum/Agile who guarantee optimal communication and cooperation with you throughout the entire project phase.