Maximum cost saving

Outsourcing business processes is currently in fashion, due to the especially rapid development of the internet and the increasingly powerful hardware. Modern broadband connections even allow extensive project data to be quickly sent.

With the help of affordable cloud technology even large amounts of data can be obtained quickly. Companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft invest huge sums into this trend to become market leaders which has led to a sustained boom in so-called offshore Outsourcing.

Digital projects are made for offshore Outsourcing

The area of software development plays a large role in this trend. Many hurdles that get in the way of classic production processes fall away completely; no room-filling machines, primary products or complex logistic needed.

Software developers work almost exclusively with information and often need nothing more than a good computer, a fast internet connection, the appropriate development tools and the knowledge in their heads. For challenging projects that can only be realized in a team, an experienced development manager or a project manager should be used. They will then take over a large part of the communication with the client.

Whether or not the software project developers are in the same location is pretty much irrelevant. The countless successful open source software projects whose developers are scattered across the globe can attest to this. Surely you have heard of Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice, VLC Media Player, GIMP or WordPress?

Cost advantages with offshore Outsourcing

With the help of offshore Outsourcing you can take advantage of this development for your company. If you have already considered developing a software project externally, this is the next step. European developers are extremely expensive.

If you give your contract to a European company, you are looking at an hourly rate per developer of up to 95.00 euros an hour. European freelancers aren’t much cheaper at a rate of around 65.00 euros an hour.

Offshore Outsourcing leads to a huge reduction in costs. Indian software developers, for example, are available at a fraction of the cost.

You can realise your project completely in India with Outsourcing4work and avoid the biggest hurdles of offshore Outsourcing. We provide you with highly professional software companies in India and assume the responsibility for a successful project as a European contract partner. Our European project managers are specialised in offshore Outsourcing, understand the Indian mentality and work style, and will ensure problem-free communication.