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MVC developers are experts in complex and interactive web applications on the basis of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Due to JavaScript’s weakness when it comes to high-quality, stable and maintainable code at the same time, MVC developers use MVC frameworks in addition.

These are libraries that can be used in addition to JavaScript in web applications in order to separate their functionality according to the Model View Controller (MVC) approach.

  • In the model field, MVC developers store all the necessary data for the application, such as user profiles, images, videos, comments or statistics.
  • The view field describes the user interface and is kept strictly separate from the data. In it, you will find all style elements such as buttons, distances, elements, fonts etc. described exactly. The Document Object Model (DOM), an interface specification for access to HTML or XML documents, is of particular importance.
  • In the controller view, you will find all functional, interactive elements – browser events such as clicks, touch gestures, drag and drop and so on.

MVC developers can develop and improve each of these parts independently from one another, which can mean a lot less work in otherwise complicated web applications.

MVC developers use various MVC frameworks

MVC frameworks transfer the calculation work of a web application to the client side, the web browser, whenever possible. JavaScript will generally quickly reach its limits at this point. MVC web apps such as these mostly use an asynchronous connection to the back end, thus allowing complex interactions with completing reloading a website. The rendering of the corresponding area is carried out by the MVC framework.

MVC developers usually work with Backbone.js, Angular.js, EmberJS and KnockoutJS. These are the current most widely-used MVC frameworks. Due to their widespread popularity, they are extremely well documented and all their strengths and weaknesses are known. They all offer a similar range of functions, although individual MVC frameworks are somewhat more complicated to use.


Here is a small tip to help make your decision. If you are looking for an MVC developer, you should already know which MVC framework you will be working with.

Backbone.js is a minimalist MVC framework with plugin support and a large selection of extensions. Thanks to its modular approach, Backbone.js can be adjusted to fit different needs. It is used for services like WordPress, Rdio and Hulu, and is very suitable for very complex web applications. The code is easily readable, which makes it simple to further develop existing apps.

Angular.js is used and provided by Google. MVC developers can also create sophisticated web applications with this framework. An HTML compiler is part of Angular.js and lets proprietary domain-specific languages be created. The code is easy to debug. However, it is more complicated to use this framework than other MVC frameworks.

Ember.js is relatively easy and intuitive to use. It is also modular, and is very popular with developers with Ruby on Rails experience. Good results can be achieved relatively quickly with Ember.js. MVC developers who work with this MVC framework will have to forgo extensive testing tools. Since Ember.js’s API can be somewhat instable, this can lead to problems in complex web applications.

KnockoutJS uses the Model View ViewModel approach and differs from other frameworks. It is very well-suited for complex graphical user interfaces with many features. KnockoutJS is also suitable for data-heavy applications with tabular output. Standard procedures such as sorting functions can be realised very quickly. The high compatibility with modern web browsers guarantees unproblematic operation for all users.

Affordable and knowledgeable MVC developers

MVC developers are highly sought after and charge high rates accordingly. This is especially true for web developers who are experienced in several MVC frameworks. These types of professionals are best for new projects because they will be able to be unbiased when choosing the right technology.

Offshore outsourcing will let you save a lot of money during the implementation of a new development project. This is especially true for Indian professionals who cost a fraction of their European counterparts. Outsourcing4work is specialised in the procurement of these Indian IT employees, and we are most often tasked with finding expert web developers.

If you are looking for an MVC developer for a specific project, we are happy to help you further. It does not matter which MVC framework you prefer – we will easily find the right professional for all of the libraries mentioned above. These professionals can be paid on an hourly basis, or at a fixed price for a precisely-defined project.

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