A Microsoft SQL Server developer will often need to have a different profile for large customers than a traditional MySQL professional. Microsoft’s relational database management system has a number of special features which are worth its weight in gold for large amounts of data and many queries.

This is true for large organisations such as TÜV Nord, the online betting company bwin or even the computer manufacturer Hewlett Packard (HP), all of whom are major customers of Microsoft’s database product. According to HP, the use of Microsoft SQL Server lowered costs by the double-digit million range, and it has benefitted from a much higher performance which is reflected in the faster availability of queries and reports.

Microsoft SQL Server developer vs. MySQL professional

While MySQL almost always runs on LAMP Stack, a Linux-Apache environment, a Microsoft SQL Server developer needs to be very experienced in the Windows Server, the .NET framework and generally with the interplay of the various Windows software components.

Although SQL is used as the language for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, in both cases the setup requires a lot of experience in the very different tools.

Microsoft SQL Server can draw upon an import wizard for importing data, while in MySQL a converter and the ODBC interface are normally used.

A Microsoft SQL Server developer must be familiar with the SQL server logs – by default in SQL Server all requests are logged which results in extensive data.

The configuration, administration and further development requires a fundamentally different approach from a Microsoft SQL Server developer. Queries are performed with Transact-SQL, a proprietary extension of SQL standards from Microsoft. To set up database access, you will need to have basic knowledge of the ADO.NET classes.

.NET programming languages play a special role for a Microsoft SQL Server developer to later develop the database installation to its full power.

As evidenced by a research paper from 2015, Microsoft’s SQL Server MySQL is far superior in query speed as well as the scalability of MySQL.

SQL Server developers from India

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