Cost factors for Magento outsourcing

At first glance, there are many providers with large cost differences for Magento Outsourcing. However, the different offers can only be compared if you understand the components that are important for Magento. To find the right Magento Outsourcing provider, you should therefore inform yourself on the most important cost factors.

This is especially important for Magento, as the shop system is not considered to be cheap. However, the fact is that Magento is well worth the money – which can be seen by its dominant market position. According to statistics from W3Techs, Magento is by far the most popular shop software. Magento runs on more than one percent of all websites and is found at the impressive position five among content management systems.

Cost factors for Magento Outsourcing

A Magento shop’s design is the basis for all later implementation work. It sets what the shop visitors see when they enter the shop, and includes all the graphical elements used on the site, such as background images, buttons, fonts, logos and the exact distribution of the page. Magento Outsourcing providers often use templates which are then customised to the client. A particularly original design will require considerably more work and cost however.

The main reason for this is that the Magento Outsourcing provider will need to realise the design later in a template with the help of program code in HTML, CSS and PHP. If they are able to adapt an existing template, then a large amount of the work is already done.

A finished template allows the Magento Outsourcing provider to install the shop software and set up the basics. This includes general things such as product groups, taxonomies, payment methods, shipping costs, taxes, customer groups and many other points. This work will take a few days for simple shops, including test runs. This process will take longer if product descriptions, complex shipping calculations and the like need to be defined.

You should look closely at the additional features you would like to have, aka the types of features or customisations that Magento does not normally offer, or which are only possible with a few tricks. Unexpected costs will usually arise at this point, as most clients are not able to know what is technically feasible or what will create huge problems.

Costs are also affect if you would like to update products yourself, or if the Magento Outsourcing provider should do it. You should plan on 5-10 minutes for each product, if product images and texts are already available in digital format. If you would like to undertake this task yourself, carefully consider if it is worth your time. You can assume that you will need much longer than any experienced Magento service provider, especially when it comes to individual product descriptions and different views.

Magento SEO is essential so that your products can be found later online. A strategy will need to be developed according to product type and active competitors for it to be successful. Some Magento Outsourcing providers will take over extensive SEO work, others will have you do it yourself.

Selection criteria for Magento Outsourcing providers

In addition to the price, you should also look at the general knowledge of the various providers. You can quickly see what a Magento Outsourcing provider can achieve when you look at projects that have already been completed. The multi-tiered certification system from Magento can give you more insight into their current level of expertise. Good references are a must! Take a look at Magento shops that have already been realised to get a realistic impression.

Indian Magento Outsourcing providers are cheaper

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