Magento Freelancer from India

You can have your online shop realised affordably with a Magento freelancer from India. If you look for references and certifications from the Magento Company, then you will not need to make any compromises with regards to expertise and professionalism, and you will have your own Magento shop at a much lower price.

Magento freelancer for the Community Edition

Magento is currently the most widely used shop software by far. The e-commerce CMS runs on more than one percent of all websites, including those without online shops. A large part of these shop portals use the Magento Community Edition (CE), since this can be used for free thanks to the open source license.

Magento charges a high price for the Magento Enterprise Edition (EE), $15,550 per year, which is really only worthwhile for large shops with large revenue. In contrast to Magento CE, Magento EE is performance optimised and can be efficiently used even during high traffic.

A trained Magento freelancer can get a lot out of Magento CE with a wide range of performance optimisations, which is then noticeable through the significantly lower hosting and server costs.

This is almost more important than the general setup of Magento. Freelancers who offer their services for the popular shop software should be more than just a good web designer, and have an in-depth knowledge of Magento. Installing Magento, setting up the basic features and adapting or designing a template are often not enough for an optimal Magento shop.

You can find experienced and well-educated Magento freelancers in India who will charge rates that are a fraction of their counterparts in Europe. Many of these Outsourcing professionals work together in teams on complex projects, or as employees in companies that specialise in IT Outsourcing.

IT Outsourcing for offshore clients has been booming in the developer nation India for years, and the country has established itself as the world’s leading site in this area. It is therefore easy to find a certified Magento freelancer with much experience.

Certifications for Magento freelancers and agencies

Magento currently offers five different certifications to show a developer’s Magento expertise.

  • A Magento Certified Developer represents the basic knowledge for setting up the Magento Community Edition.
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus includes know-how for the Magento Enterprise Edition.
  • A Magento Certified Front End Developer is not only experienced in the installation and control of Magento, but also the creation and adaptation of Magento themes.
  • A Magento Certified Solution Specialist is the highest certification. It covers Magento from A to Z.

If you are looking for your own Magento Freelancer, then the certification levels let you recognise how experienced the Magento professional is with the shop software. But even a simple Magento Certified Developer with good references and presentable shop examples should be able to implement your project easily.

Indian Magento freelancer: we can help further

Outsourcing4work can provide you with a professional Magento freelancers who will affordably implement your shop idea, and at the same time have extensive technical knowledge. You have a range of flexible contract models to fit your needs, from projects at a fixed price to IT specialists as temporary employees.

We don’t leave you on your own after providing an Indian partner, but we as a European company provide our own Scrum/Agile project managers to assume responsibility for professional implementation. This enables good communication between all parties involved, and all this at rates that a European Magento freelancer of agency will not be able to compete with.