Looking for a Freelancer?

If a company is looking for a freelancer, it’s mostly about flexible Outsourcing at the lowest possible cost. The market for freelancers has been booming for years, and you can quickly lose track among the many providers who offer their services online.

It’s a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you have ever tried to find a professional freelancer online then you will know what I mean.

Finding the right freelancer, and a reliable one at that, is a test of patience, and is generally not as easy to manage as hiring permanent staff. If you are looking for a freelancer abroad, then you are usually limited to email, chat and video calls – and once you have found a reasonable candidate, there is no guarantee that the work will be done as you expect it to be.

If you are looking for a freelancer, look at experience

Not many freelancers take contracts as seriously as they should, and a freelancer might jump ship from one day to the next. And if they are abroad, you have no legal recourse. You can only get a reasonable impression of the freelancer’s professional by references from previous clients and selection criteria.

To be fair, many freelancers will also require the same of clients! Payments that are late or not paid at all, poor specifications and conversations, as well as unprofessional coordination and communication are often normal.

If you are looking for a freelancer, many years of experience in specialised recruiting and online project management will pay off. This especially applies to demanding freelancing activities such as software development, business process Outsourcing with important data or customer contacts, web design, video editing or voice over work.

Looking for an Indian freelancer? We can help

If you are looking for an affordable freelancer from India, we at Outsourcing4work can help you further.

We specialise in IT Outsourcing to India – from software development to web design, up to business process Outsourcing – and have many years of experience in this field.

Because we understand what the problems may arise in freelancer Outsourcing, we are not purely a service provider, but instead offer a comprehensive service to minimise our client’s risk.

You can find freelancers for projects at fixed prices, as well as IT professionals paid by the hour. With our help, you can hire a complete team in India for complex projects, who will then deal exclusively with your contract.

We also work with project managers trained in Scrum/Agile for sophisticated coordination, who will ensure the proper implementation. You will also conclude the contract directly with us as a European company, to ensure legal certainty.