Looking for Wordpress developer?

WordPress is considered to be the most popular content management system in the world. About 44 percent of all blogs and websites are now created with WordPress. Even well-known companies and organizations such as Spotify, Honda, Great Gorillas, and Atlantic Southeast Airlines rely on the clever CMS. It’s not surprising then that every day hundreds of new WordPress developers want to conquer the software market and want to make their mark on the interactive World Wide Web. It is of course difficult for companies to keep track of the self-proclaimed, qualified WordPress developers, and then ultimately decide on one of the developers.

Good qualifications or an excellent reputation? Why not both?

Because the professional title of WordPress developer is not protected in Europe, any career changer or hobby software developer can call themselves a WordPress developer. This is why, when companies select their WordPress developer, they should not only listen to promises but also ask for proof of work and previous projects. On the basis of this portfolio, you can draw good conclusions about the quality of work of the software developer. And this can still be very positive without a higher education degree or special certificates. Similarly, it is advisable to compare the portfolio with your own project requirements. What use is a gifted online shop developer if you want to implement a blog system and the software developer has no expertise in that field?

Because WordPress is a PHP-based content management system, an accomplished WordPress developer should know this scripting language, and hopefully other programming languages, and implement them according to your wishes. In addition to the developer’s tools of the trade, they know the database system MySQL and has a basic sense of an appealing web design. The developer should efficiently implement codes and create search-engine-optimized pages. Further requirements should be discussed individually with your WordPress developer.

A European freelancer or WordPress Outsourcing? Decide yourself!

The trend in the European job market is toward external software developers. This, of course, carries a high risk of bad investments. That’s why many companies in the IT industry do not only rely on the portfolio of a freelance WordPress developer, but also on their reputation. Whoever copies their codes from other sites or carelessly creates it should definitely not be on your shortlist. Many agencies now specialize in providing IT freelancers on the European market. This reduces the risk of bad investments, but still leaves a deep hole in your pockets.

A cost-efficient alternative is to outsource entire WordPress projects. For example, Indian WordPress developers cost up to 80% less than their European counterparts. You can then use these savings in other projects. A further advantage is that companies can focus on their core competencies and don’t have to worry about additional IT training for their employees. Because Outsourcing markets like India have millions of qualified software developers available, developers who can quickly and efficiently implement business solutions, websites, online shops, and many more.

What else is there to think about?

Despite these various tips, ultimately you should decide which WordPress developers fit you and your company the best. Although professional qualifications are important in the process of decision-making, soft skills, such as the ability to work in a team, should not be underestimated. A good working atmosphere is also important, to ensure good cooperation.