If you are looking for a web developer, Outsourcing will save you a lot of time and money. Web developers are expensive in Europe, and not very easy to find – especially if you are looking for a specific profile. In India, there are more web developers than you can count. India has been investing in the IT sector for decades and is currently known around the world for its affordable and excellently trained IT professionals.

If you know exactly what type of profile you need, you can easily find a web developer there. Which web technology are you specifically looking for? Web developers mainly work with PHP, although ASP.NET is also often used.

“Web developer needed” – but what kind exactly?

Since most web applications run on PHP, most web developers specialise in it. ASP.NET has begun to play a significant role in web applications, websites and web services, as it is used in nearly 16% of all websites. This does not sound like a lot, but it is actually in second place.

While PHP is used with LAMP Stacks on Linux servers with Apache and MySQL, ASP.NET uses Windows Server as Microsoft’s web application server which supports the .NET technology groups and one of its programming languages such as C++, C#, Perl and Python. PHP web developers also work differently than ASP.NET web developers, which you should bear this in mind during your search.

Nowadays, hardly anyone produces pure code for hundreds of PHP and HTML files in a manually-crafted structure. Instead they create PHP web applications with specialised development environments. PHP frameworks Zend or Symfony are used for complex PHP web applications. Other popular programming tools include CodeIgniter, Yii or CakePHP.

ASP.NET is somewhat more manageable. You can purchase development environment Visual Studio from Microsoft to develop ASP.NET web applications. However, there is also a free beginner version with Visual Studio Express.
As has already been noted, when looking for a web developer it is important to pay attention to the language and programming tools they specialise in. You will need to choose a web developer who will fit perfectly into an existing project. You will need to be well-informed on the advantage and disadvantages for new web projects, since you will not be able to easily change the technology at a later date.

Looking for a web developer in India” – it works!

You can easily find web developers all over the world, and India plays a large role in its position as the leading IT Outsourcing location. Indian IT expertise is used by clients from all over the world. Despite its low wages, IT specialists in the Asian country have an excellent reputation across the globe.

Indian PHP web developers offer their expert knowledge as Outsourcing professionals for as low as €20 per hour. In Europe you can expect to pay around €65 an hour, which is more than three times the price. It is not even a complicated process to find an Indian web developer.

Outsourcing4work can help you find the right Indian employees for your web project. We provide suitable web developers for projects of every size and as your European contract partner, we will take over responsibility for smooth collaboration. Our project managers are trained in Scrum/Agile methodology and will take over responsibility for the virtual project management. They will assist you in integrating the Indian PHP professionals seamlessly into existing teams and workflows.

As far as employment models go, projects at a fixed price or hourly billing is possible with us. You conclude the contract with us as a European company, which will significantly lower your own administrative effort. We then take care of the remaining details.