It’s not easy to find a developer for a project. If you are not a popular IT company with a well-known name or if you can’t compete with fat salaries, then you will probably be at the back of the queue. There is an especially large shortage of developers in Europe, and this is not expected to improve in the next few years.

There are simply not enough students and graduates in the IT disciplines. In addition, the restrictive immigration policy in many countries reduces the amount of top staff from other non-European countries.

Looking for a developer for a project!” – “Where?”

You have probably already thought a lot about your requirements and budget. You posted advertisements on different portals and job sites. But have you thought about location? Does a developer really need to be from your location or region? Or are you planning a project that is more dependent on virtual teamwork?

Software developers usually work more independently. Once the details of your project have been defined, there is usually not much more to discuss until the first demo or mock-up has been developed. After that it will be questions on specific technical problems, additional ideas that had been forgotten and so on.

Smaller software projects are therefore happily handed over to a professional agency that has a lot of experience with commissioned work. This applies to websites, web applications and mobile apps as well as traditional Windows software or extensions for Microsoft’s software like Office.

India has a very special role when it comes to this type of Outsourcing. As you may already know, the tech-savvy country started investing in its IT economy much earlier than other countries. India has long been well-known for its excellent IT professionals. In Germany in the 1990s an initiative was even started to try to lure Indian IT professionals to the country to alleviate the skills shortage that existed even back then.

Looking for a developer for a project” – “We’ll find one!”

If you are interested in hiring a developer from India but have no experience with offshore Outsourcing, we are happy to help. Outsourcing4work specialises in the procurement of IT professionals from India and can find you the right professional for any type of software. This can be for a popular language like Java, C/C++/C#, PHP, Python or any other type of programming language. Or you can make a general request for a specific type of software such as Android Apps or Excel Macros and we will first advise you on the most suitable options.

Thanks to our many years of experience on the Indian Outsourcing market we know exactly how to find a specific profile and the best provider. With our help you can hire Indian software developers. You can either hand over the entire development of new software or you can hire specialised expert knowledge for specific questions. You can even integrate these professionals into existing teams as well.

We employ our own project managers who work with Agile/Scrum who will take over a large part of the coordination and significantly facilitate communication with the Indian developers.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a project at a fixed price or contracts billed hourly. You can even have a team of Indian developers who work exclusively for you, thanks to our help.