Affordable Wordpress Specialist

A true WordPress specialist is more than just a regular web designer. The popular content management system (CMS) lets beginners who only have rudimentary programming knowledge set up a website. You will need experience and technical expertise for a truly professional website, skills that only a real WordPress specialist has.

There are many different CMS and WordPress is just one of them. Thanks to its well thought out concept and its ease of use, WordPress has quickly evolved into the market leader over the years. Today, according to statistics from W3Techs, nearly 60% of all CMS websites use WordPress, which is over 26% of all internet websites.

WordPress specialist vs. WordPress hobbyist

The easy installation and the modular approach of WordPress enable virtually anyone to set up their own website, even without any programming skills. Many web hosting services now even offer a fully automated installation assistant. A webmaster will only then need to log in to the back end, select a suitable WordPress template and design a well-structured interface and put up content. You can then add additional functions with the help of WordPress plugins.

This approach can be used with blogs, company websites, online news portals, online shops or even social networks. Even though it sounds simple, in some cases you will need the expertise of a real WordPress specialist. Establishing a high performing website, which looks great and can withstand hacker attacks, is much more difficult than it seems.

WordPress is unfortunately the target of hacker attacks due to its high popularity, and the CMS is hacked 24% more often than other products. There are a large number of vulnerabilities that are well documented on many sites on the net. A real WordPress specialist can secure a website with the appropriate expertise, but a simple hobbyist or web designer will quickly be overwhelmed.

The overall concept of the site and choosing secure and promising plugins play an important role. There are always new WordPress vulnerabilities found which then need to be addressed, and there are always new updates from WordPress itself for the templates and plugins. If you don’t pay attention to an optimal interaction of these components, then your page will no longer be up to date and will not be secure. The Panama Papers have shown just what consequences these risks can lead to, as the leak was probably due to an unprotected WordPress website.

A WordPress specialist has important additional know-how

A true WordPress specialist brings a wide range of other skills, in addition to setting up an optimised website. These skills are essential for a perfomant and smooth operation. Automated uptime monitoring and using content delivery networks (CDN) such as CloudFlare are part of the maintenance program for sites with many page views. The same applies to automated backups, performance optimisation through caching plugins or through modifications to the webserver, to the PHP version and MySQL, external cron-jobs and regular database maintenance. That list is not exhaustive, however.

European WordPress agencies can be expensive. Fortunately, you can easily hire an Indian WordPress specialist as an Outsourcing professional, someone who will do the same work for a fraction of the cost.

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