Junior Software developer vs Senior developer

Junior software developers charge significantly lower rates than experienced developers with many years of project experience. Senior developers are very expensive, but are also a must for complex software projects. However, a junior software developer can enrich a team in many important ways with new ideas and knowledge which is especially up to date.

Junior software developers need good leadership

Programming is a craft that can only be learned very well through hand-on experience in actual projects. Important basics are taught at universities, and first experiences are gathered through sample projects. This only partially prepares a developer for everyday work in the private sector.

In the first two to three years at work a junior software developer will therefore add to their knowledge as part of a larger team, and is looked after and guided by their colleagues. At the start a junior software developer will be given more simple tasks and will eventually graduate to more complex topics, until they have completed their first development cycle in a team.

This also includes learning collaboration tools and project management methods such as Agile and Scrum, which in addition to traditional programming work, includes a large element of self-appraisal, research, communication, time management and problem solving strategies.

A junior software developer then grows into the role of intermediate or experienced software developer and can work flexibly and independently as a part of a team of developers. When and if a person becomes a senior developer is a question of time and demand.

Senior developers see the big picture

In contrast to a junior software developer, a senior developer has no difficulty taking over the main role in a software project. Thanks to many years of work in various projects and roles a senior developer knows the entire developement cycle very well, including all the usual technical problems.

They can take care of the software design, as well as any difficult tasks which require a high level of expertise. They know different languages, programming techniques and frameworks very well, and can use this knowledge very efficiently.

The largest difference to a junior software developer is that they can more realistically assess the opportunities and weakness of a specific method, and are also very well versed in time planning. They do not promise too much and pay attention to simplicity, stability and future orientation during software design. Instead of producing mass code, they find clean code, software testing and good documentation very important. They know where or who can find the solution to a problem.

Senior or junior: software developers from India are cheaper

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