Discussing Javacript outsourcing

JavaScript Outsourcing lets you bring specialised JavaScript expertise in-house and take the load off your own developers. Since the scripting language is constantly evolving, this keeps you up-to-date and lets you realise compatible JavaScript programs easier with various JavaScript engines.

JavaScript Outsourcing for different areas

Today’s web developers are experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, in addition to a mix of various languages. Although earlier the focus was on developing static websites, nowadays complex web applications are the main point of interest. These are not limited to code running in a browser, but are often a complex part of the server.

JavaScript Outsourcing is especially interesting for these server-based implementations, such as for Node-Server as JScript or JScript.NET in an ASP or ASP.NET environment on Microsoft Internet Information Services.

The scripting language is also used for games and application programs which only contain a few objects in its language core. This means there is no complex interpreter required to run scripts in JavaScript.

This aspect makes JavaScript a good solution as a language for databases or microcontrollers. The popular database MongoDB is a prime example of this.

JavaScript Outsourcing and ECMA compliance

JavaScript can no longer be considered a closed language. This is particularly relevant for dynamic webpages, and the so-called browser wars led to aggressive, cut-throat competition in which first Microsoft and much later Google expanded upon the JavaScript core with modified JavaScript engines.

In the meantime, ECMAScript specification has come into being, which simultaneously acts as the successor for the last official JavaScript Version 1.8.5. ECMA International provides an independent non-profit organisation for the further development of a uniform standard – ECMAScript.

A JavaScript developer needs to continuously further educate themselves in order to use the newest JavaScript techniques, and take into account the lagging ECMAScript support of various web browsers during web implementations. The bandwidth of available web browsers has significantly increased in the last year thanks to new devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart-TVs and online-enabled game consoles. Therefore, wide-ranging experience in ECMAScript plays an important role in JavaScript Outsourcing.

JavaScript Outsourcing by Indian developers

Indian developers are a good choice for targeted JavaScript Outsourcing since highly qualified and affordable providers with many years of experience are easy to find in the Asian country.

India has a very special role when it comes to IT Outsourcing. India started investing in IT much earlier than any other country – also with educational support which created many IT related degree programs, as well as building research centres. It has really paid off for India in terms of IT Outsourcing.

India has been the world’s largest exporter of IT services since 2005, and currently has a market share of 55% of the global Outsourcing market.

JavaScript Outsourcing to Indian professionals is therefore a good solution for specific areas such as server-side implementations or in microcontrollers, since it is easy to find a suitable specialist in India.

If you would like to take advantage of JavaScript Outsourcing, we at Outsourcing4work can help you in your search. Thanks to our many years of experience on the Indian Outsourcing market we know exactly how to find a specific profile and the best provider.

In addition, we employ our own project managers who work with Agile/Scrum who will take over a large part of the coordination and significantly facilitate communication with the Indian developers. As your European contract partner, we assume the responsibility to ensure that everything runs according to your expectations. We also offer various models of employment: JavaScript Outsourcing at a fixed price or on an hourly basis. Simply choose what fits your project best.