Find a java developer

Java is the most popular programming language by far. Outsourcing Java development is especially easy, as there are millions of these qualified experts.

Most companies use Java Outsourcing to save costs, because Java developers receive high salaries. According to a regularly published comparative analysis from Gooroo Insights, Java developers receive an average salary of 90,000 US dollars in a global comparison. They even earn slightly more than the just as equally sought after C++, C and C# developers.

There are a few factors to consider in Java Outsourcing, as not every Java developer is specialised in the same areas.

Java Outsourcing: which type of Java software do you need?

Thanks to its versatile available runtime environments (Java Runtime Environment), Java is very flexible. Unlike applications which are native and run on a specific system, the runtime environment is an intermediary to run the program code.

A Java application can theoretically be run on Windows, Mac, Desktop Linux, smartphones, televisions and many other devices with Linux cores, as long as they do not require any special hardware.

Nevertheless, special additional knowledge is needed for specific app types, and this is what you should look at when Java Outsourcing!

Depending on whether you are looking for Java web applications, Java applets, Java desktop applications or mobile Java apps, a Java developer will be more or less suitable. Therefore, you should check if the Java developer is experienced in the respective field and can provide references.

Java Outsourcing: finished product or collaboration?

It is also important to know if you need complete Java Outsourcing, or only need one Java specialist to expand an existing team of developers. In the latter case the Java development environment used can also play a role in ensuring that nothing will stand in the way of hassle-free cooperation of all Java developers involved. Development environments refer to packages with multiple development tools which are perfectly matched – a text editor, compiler, interpreter, linker and debugger, to name a few.

Depending on the application and personal preference, the Java developer will usually use one of the following Java development environments: Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, JBuilder, Xcode, BlueJ, Android Studio, Enide Studio, JEdit, jGRASP, JSource, JDeveloper or DrJava.

If you need a Java professional to develop an app for Android, you should not use one specialised in Mac OS X or Windows, but instead use a developer with Android experience.

India: Java Outsourcing at low rates

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