Informix developers set up databases based on popular systems, develop applications and help evaluate information and make it available for data management. Informix is one of the most widely used relational databases, with more than 200,000 installations worldwide. After the Informix company was taken over by IBM in 2001, the technology giant gradually further developed the software and conquered the market with it.

It is also responsible for reselling, supporting and offering tools and solutions for Informix environments for the 5,000 Informix-focussed companies around the world. The user community is also strong with more than 30,000 members, and sees a lively exchange of information.

An Informix developer’s advantages and tasks

In comparison to other database implementations, Informix stands out with its easy management which is also reflected in the staffing level. The optimization and monitoring effort is also considered to be relatively low. Accordingly, admin and developer teams are generally smaller for Informix than for other systems.

Many companies forego hiring an Informix database administrator (DBA) and let another IT employee take over these tasks. Informix developers are therefore more often confronted with Oracle and other solutions with their corresponding tasks than counterparts. However, these efforts can be kept within limit due to the low administration overhead.

Informix benefits from optimized, streamlined data structures for high throughput. Informix developers do not need to worry as much about their work performance limits – such as complex, variable workloads.

The traditional work areas for Informix developers are app development, data management, the integration of solutions from other providers, adaption of automation functions or the targeted used of database extensions, or DataBlades. Other than the somewhat traditional add-ons, in Informix expansions act as an integral part of the underlying databases, and can be used for a range of features depending on the area of application.

In addition to the database software, Informix developers are also required to a have a number of other qualifications. Unix/AIX experience, as well as experience in Microsoft SQL Server, .NET / ASP.NET, HTML and IIS are often required. Proficiency in C or Java is also usually necessary for application development.

Informix developers from India

If you are looking for an Informix developer, you will have a hard time finding a suitable expert that fits your exact requirements. Therefore, many companies like to use all-rounders/ full-stack developers with strong database experience, and invest in Informix-specific training. However, this is expensive and takes time.

Outsourcing to Indian professionals can be a smart alternative. In India there is a huge number of excellent developers from all areas, and there it is much easier to find an Informix professional who has the right mix of knowledge and experience. This can be a decisive advantage, especially if a development project needs to be realised quickly.

In addition, you can save a lot of money with Informix Outsourcing, thanks to the lower average rates in India when compared to Europe. Many companies have recognised this opportunity, and rely on Indian software developers with our help.

At Outsourcing4work we have many years of experience in the procurement of specialised professionals, and have a large reliable partner network. We can also easily assist you in finding an Informix professional. You will benefit greatly from our comprehensive approach.

We provide one of our India-experienced Scrum project managers to our client during the project phase, and they will ensure efficient communication and coordination of work steps during all steps of the project. We know: virtual project management comes with its own challenges which begin with the communication and productivity tools being used. We can even help you with data management over distance, and in a successful coordination with external co-workers from different cultural backgrounds.

Depending on your needs, you can hire an Informix developer on an hourly basis, or negotiate a fixed price project following specific criteria. We are experienced in all aspects of Outsourcing, and will assume responsibility for successful implementation as a European company. We will also take over payment for the Indian Informix developer.