Inexpensive virtual Linux professional

An experienced Linux admin knows a lot and must continually further educate themselves. This is due to the fact that despite its popularity, Linux requires a lot of special knowledge in the professional sector. Bash user input, user administration, package services and core compilation are not simple tasks. Therefore, a good Linux admin is understandably expensive.

Linux has established itself as the leading system in the server field, which has resulted in a widespread demand for Linux admins. The trend of storing IT infrastructure in the cloud or in nearby data centres has also ensured an increasing demand for specialised Linux staff.

The Linux servers or single computer system are then administered from afar, which is no problem thanks to the good networking capabilities and excellent user and rights administration. A remote Linux administrator as an affordable Outsourcing specialist is therefore a good chance to keep an eye on your costs, and to also have access to extensive expertise at the same time.

Linux admin as an external service provider

An experienced Linux admin can be easily found in the IT Outsourcing sector. There are many different providers with various specialisations for very specific distributions and applications.

Linux admins are also frequently used for web server support. What we now refer to as websites are often complex PHP web applications that run server-side with the help of LAMP Stacks. A LAMP Stack is the combined and optimised use of Linux for the operating system, the open source web server Apache, MySQL as server side database software and PHP as the programming language. Currently, around 82% of all web applications run on a PHP basis and almost always on Linux systems. You can find a good Linux admin all over the world.

Linux admins are also increasingly being sought after outside of web hostings as well. In addition to its traditional Windows systems, Microsoft also offers a wide range of Linux distributions under its cloud platform Azure with CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, SUSE Linux, Oracle Linux and openSUSE, which can be easily used online as a virtual server. If you use cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or providers like Amazon AWS, a Linux administrator with the appropriate knowledge the corresponding interfaces is the right choice to ensure that the interaction between the cloud interface and Linux system works perfectly.

Find a Linux admin from India

India is well-known for its excellently trained IT experts in all areas, and also has very low wage levels. The country is not the leading provider of IT Outsourcing services for nothing. More than 55% of all global IT Outsourcing activities are carried out in India.

If you are interested in an Indian Linux admin, Outsourcing4work can help you further in an uncomplicated and professional manner. This also applies to less common Linux distributions which can be hard to find a professional for in Europe.

We provide IT professionals for projects of every size and as your European contract partner, we will take over the responsibility for smooth collaboration. Our project managers are trained in Scrum/Agile methodology and will take over responsibility for the virtual project management. They will assist you in integrating your Indian Linux admins seamlessly into existing teams and workflows.