Developers as outsourcing professionals

WWF developers specialise in Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF, WF or even WinWF). The programming library has belonged to Microsoft’s .NET technology group since .NET 3.0, and assists in the development of program-controlled and complex workflows.

It makes declarative programming possible, which puts the description of a problem into the forefront. This is in contrast to imperative programming, which focuses on the description of the solution path.

WWF developers build flowcharts through pre-built classes and constructs. The coding orients itself rather towards specific business processes, and makes higher levels of abstraction possible. With the help of WWF technology, .NET developers are provided with an easy-to-understand interface, through which business clients can control other Microsoft products such as SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics.

Why WWF developers are expensive and hard to find

The Windows Workflow Foundation is generally regarded to be a library that is hard to learn and use. A WWF developer should have good .NET programming expertise as well as in-depth knowledge in the field of process control, which is why many WWF developers come from the field of business informatics. WWF’s relatively complicated learning curve and technical difficulties due to the non-error free implementation of the library can make working with it somewhat challenging./p>

Despite this, WWF is still used in many companies in order to keep a project’s complexity under control. Rather than continuing to bloat up something with additional code software, WFF solves problems by describing workflows. This relieves developer teams and allows functions to be implemented. An accomplished WWF developer will often be able to offer significantly faster solutions in close cooperation with colleagues from different areas. Traditional software developers will usually require more time.

WWF software benefits from its good scalability. Because the process logic is based on input-output models, only those programme components which are relevant to the current process trace point must remain in the memory. However, WWF programs are a higher complexity for the developer. Unlike in other programs, the code itself does not offer a clear schedule that can be chronologically analysed and understood, and even just troubleshooting is difficult. A WFF program may work correctly technically, but still produce incorrect output if mistakes have been made in the process logic in the flow charts.

WWF developers as Outsourcing professionals

WWF developers can quickly realise specific problem solutions for contract work. Companies that consistently rely on .NET technology can save on costs by Outsourcing these types of activities. Because WWF developers can be quite expensive in Europe due to their hard-to-find status, it can be particularly worthwhile to take a look at India.

In India you can find specialist workers for all technologies and programming techniques, and this is also true for Windows Workflow Foundation. These Indian expert rates are just a fraction of their European counterparts. This is one of the main reasons for the boom in Outsourcing to India, in addition to the high availability of IT employees. India already covers more than 55% of the global IT Outsourcing market, and this percentage is still rising.

If you are interested in a WWF developer from India, we at Outsourcing4work can help you further. We are specialised in the procurement of expert software developers for European clients, and have many years of experience in this area.

We also support our clients during the project phase with our own Scrum project managers. This allows use to ensure that all processes run smoothly, even across distance. We can easily circumnavigate any difficulties that arise during virtual cooperation and cultural differences. Depending on your needs, you can hire an Indian WWF developer on an hourly basis, or for a fixed price. Long-term contracts with attractive conditions are also possible for recurring work. We will take over the contract and payment of the Indian developers for you as a European company. This will make your job easier.