Durch indischen Web-Programmierer Geld sparen

If you are looking for a web developer, you have surely noticed the IT skills shortage. There has been a lack of professional web developers for years. Technical development and the need for more and more complex web applications has progressed too quickly.

Looking for a web designer or a web developer?

While ten to fifteen years ago web developers often had a lot to do with the creation of complex websites, and web designers had in-depth programming knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP, the field has now split.

CMS interfaces such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are now often used for websites. WordPress is the market leader by a wide margin and is used on more than a fourth of websites worldwide.

The great advantage of modern CMS systems is that setup only requires rudimentary programming skills, or even none at all. Web designers take over the installation of the server-side powered CMS and adapt the look and function with the help of templates and plugins.

If you are looking for a true web developer, this is usually for complex matters such as creating websites. Generally, web developers work on developing web applications which run on a web server such as WordPress and dynamically display content in the browser.

The most important web programming languages

A look at the global statistics from W3Techs shows that PHP is the most widely used web programming language by far. PHP is used on over 80% of websites worldwide. Next comes ASP.NET (15.7%), Java (2.9%), ColdFusion (0.7%), Ruby (0.6%), Perl (0.5%) and a few other languages.

If you are looking for a web developer this will almost always be for a PHP or an ASP.NET developer.

The most important differences between ASP.NET and PHP

PHP is used as a server-side scripting language on an optimised Linux system in almost every case. In almost all cases, this is a LAMP stack, a combined use of Linux as an operating system, the open source web server Apache, MySQL as server side data base software and PHP as programming language.

Many PHP software developers work in the field of CMS development or in adapting existing CMS software packages for clients. WordPress plays an important role as the most important PHP application. The market for WordPress templates and plugins is a lucrative field for a PHP software developer, who may work on software products either individually or as part of a team. The quality of these products needs to meet the requirements of thousands of customers.

As an older list of the most important PHP application shows, the programming language can also be used for many other web applications such as browser-based email programs, database software, social networks or as a web-based desktop operation system with custom apps such as in the case of eyeOS.


ASP.NET was brought onto the market within the .NET technology group as a web application framework by Microsoft as a PHP alternative. C++, C#, Perl or Python, the .NET programming languages, can be used to develop ASP.NET web applications. This makes web application development very easy for many developers. In contrast to the freely available LAMP stack, ASP.NET web programs need access to Microsoft’s commercial operating system Windows Server to run.

Whether ASP.NET or PHP is better suited to your need depends on how much you rely on Microsoft software, and if you already use Windows Server for anything else.

Web developer wanted – India is the solution

If you are looking for ASP.NET or PHP web developers, or if you are looking for a professional web designer with advanced CMS experience, it’s well worth it to look at India. The country contains excellent IT specialists who offer their services globally as Outsourcing service providers. At the same time, the low cost of living and wages in the emerging IT country provide huge cost advantages.

Outsourcing4work can provide you with excellent web developers from India whose rates are much lower than their European counterparts. We take over the responsibility for successful implementation with our own project managers, and ensure that your needs and requirements are fully respected during development. And since you conclude contracts directly with us as a European company, you are always on the safe side.