Spezialisierte Experten als Outsourcing-Fachkräfte

Test automation plays a decisive role in software development in finding errors, vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Suitable test automation tools can quickly test numerous factors to a very large extent once they have the testing criteria. With the help of the results, the software tester can target specific points or software components and will then perform manual tests and a detailed code review.

Through repeated testing, logging results and partly through an automatic evaluation, test automation makes it possible to check the software in various scenarios. This is often the only way to find such problems which usually aren’t found in one-off tests in standardised environments.

What is tested with test automation

A test automation test run checks a number of test cases in a single run. The resulting metric lets you create an objective comparison criterion, which lets the software be assessed qualitatively. Improvements or even deteriorations then become obvious through the modified program code.

Test automation can also answer a number of important questions on the basis of the specific test results:

  • Was a specific bug fixed?
  • Was a specific requirement met by the software?
  • Who on the development team is responsible for which problems and solutions?
  • Is a specific developer finished with their work?
  • What level of quality does the software reach, or what stage of development is it at?
  • Is one software version better than the other?
  • Does troubleshooting or a new component change the overall behaviour of the software?
  • What instructions or specifications need to be included in the documentation?
  • Does it keep to the set schedule, or does it need to be adapted?
  • Is the software ready for release?

The test automation is a dynamic process in relation to these specific questions. In the context of these test runs, new test cases or entire test routines will be defined to be able to focus on specific aspects and problems. This especially concerns critical errors which are only resolved once all individual test cases have been successfully passed.

Test automation and Outsourcing

There is a range of suitable tools for test automation. A specific automation tool will be most suitable depending on software type and programming language. Each of these tools follows a different operating philosophy and even syntax and semantics will differ from case to case.

It is therefore an essential criterion when selecting a software tester that they are experienced in the preferred tools of the developer team. As you can see in the Wikipedia list of software for automated software tests, and the corresponding category for testing tools, there is a huge selection possible.

Since almost all test automation tools are used all over the world, it is almost always possible to find an expert as an Outsourcing professional for a specific tool. India especially has many well-educated software testers who are often also excellent software developers, thanks to its booming IT sector. In comparison to European workers, you can save a lot of money this way. And it is often better to use an Outsourcing specialist, rather than wait for a software tester to learn the test tools.

Outsourcing4work can provide you with a specialised IT professional from India for specific test automation tools. Just share your specific requirements with us, and we will take care of the rest. Thanks to our own project managers who are trained in Scrum/Agile, we can ensure that there are no problems during the offshore collaboration. You also conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.