India leads the outsourcing market

Are you looking for a software developer? India could be the solution with its booming Outsourcing sector. IT Outsourcing to offshore providers is becoming more and more popular, and not only for cost reasons.

Another factor, which is just as strong, is the chronic skills shortage for software developers. India, in comparison to Germany or other industrial countries, has a large selection of excellent developers who began to specialise in international projects with foreign clients many years ago.

And in countries like Germany software developers enjoy growing demand that cannot even be covered by the ever increasing number of IT graduates. This has led to a high level of rates and salaries for German software developers.

Skills shortage in software developers: India serves the excess demand

Frank-Jürgen Weise, head of the German Federal Employment Agency, estimates that there will be a lack of 7 million IT professionals on the German market by 2025 – although his estimate might be a bit high. However, other bodies have confirmed that the situation will worsen, such as official statistics from BITKOM, the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, which represents both organisations and employers, as well as employee interests in IT.

While a year-long study concluded in November 2014 showed that there was a lack of 41,000 IT professionals on the German labour market, BITKOM reported there were already 43,000 positions for IT specialists in 2015. 17,500 of those related specifically to companies in the IT and communications sector (ITC). BITKOM asks over 1,500 business leaders and managers every year from companies in all branches for the representative survey.

The professions hit the hardest include application developers, experts in big data, cloud computing and IT security, as well as IT project managers.

BITKOM President Prof. Dieter Kempf has known about the existing “dangers of Outsourcing work abroad” for many years and has warned about it since. However, companies experienced a need for software developers have no other choice, and need to adapt to the situation as well as possible.

India – software developers from all areas

Not all programming languages are equally sought after, and this is reflected in salaries in Germany, India and everywhere else. According to the newest data from IEEE Spectrum, Java is the most popular language. Then come C, C++, Python, C#, R, PHP and JavaScript. Developers for these languages are paid very well, as shown by an international salary comparison from Gooroo Insights.

Companies that fight the skills shortage through targeted Outsourcing can save significantly. Software developers in India often offer their services at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts in Europe. You will not need to compromise on quality and professionalism, a fact that is shown in the large interest shown by IT corporations in Indian software developers.

Did you know that IBM employs more than 150,000 employees in India? Accenture has 80,000 and Oracle has more than 31,000 employees. Google also has more employees in India than in any other foreign location, and recently started a partnership with 30 Indian universities to educate an incredible two million Android developers in only three years.

How to find a software developer from India

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