C# developers aren’t known for being cheap. This is especially true in Europe, which has been experiencing a chronic shortage of IT skills over the last few years.

C# software developers generally create applications in Microsoft’s .NET environment. C#, also known as Visual C#, was developed as an extension of C for this exact purpose. In addition to C, C# also draws on programming concepts from Java, Haskell and Delphi.

The language is platform independent and is also theoretically suitable for MAC OS or Linux software – the Mono Project makes it possible. However, C# software developers develop almost exclusively Windows Software and usually heavily specialise in it.

In addition, ASP.NET is a popular framework within Microsoft’s .NET technology, and can also be used for C#. C# software developers are therefore very diverse and are in high demand. It is therefore not surprising that C# is on place five of the world’s most popular programming languages.

Expensive software developers: C# comes at a price

The demand for C# software developers is not showing any signs of slowing down, unlike the reputation of Windows as an operating system. Windows is still the most widely used interface and dominates the lucrative market for business software.

The search for a C# developer is often tedious and expensive – at least if you restrict it to your own country. It is not uncommon to come across salaries of 60,000 euros and up in Europe.

Thanks to the wide spread use and popularity of C#, flexible companies have a good chance of finding affordable Outsourcing employees. If you do not limit yourself to hiring European employees, you can significantly reduce your development costs.

External software developers: C# expertise from India reduces costs

Many European clients like to use Indian C# developers to sink costs. Over the last two decades the emerging country has become the world’s largest Outsourcing market for IT specialists and has excellent workers. These workers often already have many years of experience in projects for foreign clients.

The Indian IT industry employs around 3 million IT workers, and provides more than half of worldwide Outsourcing software developers on the market. Of course, this also includes thousands of experienced C# software developers.

Outsourcing4work harnesses this incredible potential for you in an easy way: we provide Indian C# developers for fixed price projects or as temporary employees. We can also build a branch for you, complete with your own team of Indian developers.

However, we don’t leave you alone once we have found the right employees for you. Throughout the entire project phase, we are by your side with our own Scrum project managers, and ensure efficient communication and successful management. Nothing will stand in the way of your success – not even the time difference, any cultural differences or the virtual collaboration.

In addition, you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. This saves you bureaucracy and organisation, and also ensures your legal certainty.