Selection criteria for a software developer

The search for a suitable software developer can often be difficult. In addition to the typical high costs, many other factors can complicate the decision. Software developers are often highly specialised experts with a focus on specific languages and development environments. Knowledge and experience are very different, and are not really comparable at first glance.

Additional important factors like creativity and soft skills will also be important factors which play a role in the complex division of labour for software projects. If you then want to outsource development, this can make the search even more difficult.

Selection criteria for a software developer

At Outsourcing4work we have many years of experience in placing experienced software developers from India in various projects, from small to large.  When selecting a software developer we pay attention to a variety of criteria.

References and client reviews are a good proof of quality and experience. Successfully completed projects and client reviews can be an excellent representation for well-established software developers to show you why they should get the job. If there is hardly anything to be found one should be cautious, especially if the software developer states they have been doing business for a long time.

In addition to the actual software development, in larger projects additional services also play an important role. Competition analysis of existing software, standardized quality control, risk assessment for sensitive data and possible downtimes such as customer service after completion often add to a software developer’s value.

Verifiable expertise is also an important selection criterion. Can the company and its software developers back up their expertise with certificates, titles and completed training courses? Additional qualifications are also important, such as Agile software development and project management. And if there is a large variety of certification providers, you should know exactly what the differences in quality mean.

Innovative capacity is often another factor. Does the software developer provide solutions “off the rack”, or can they develop creative solutions and innovative products? This is especially important if you have special requests and want a B2C product with a wow effect.

Software developers from India for your project

Outsourcing4work is happy to take over the challenging search for a software developer. At the same time you can take advantage of the low rates of an Indian software developer.

We can provide you with temporary employees, dedicated employees for larger projects and, on request, a temporary or permanent offshore branch (light) on a contract basis.

When implementing complex software projects you will remain on the safe side thanks to our many years of experience and our European project managers. All contracts are concluded with us as a European Outsourcing provider, even if the employees working for you are in India. This will protect you from any unpleasant surprises.