Indian professionals of SQL developer

Good SQL developers are expensive, and, just like almost every other IT specialist, hard to find. As a company, you should be able to offer an attractive salary and a good working environment in order to hire someone quickly. Therefore, smaller or mid-sized companies prefer to use web developers with a wide range of specialities who are also experienced in SQL. These professionals are flexible and can also be used for other tasks.

However, external specialists with proven SQL expertise are the best for the setup, maintenance or expansion of a complex SQL database setup. Other tasks which are less complicated can be done by employees with basic SQL knowledge.

SQL developer: Microsoft SQL or MySQL?

One SQL is not the same as the other, and the same applies to SQL developers. Even though the database language hardly differs in the different application forms, there are considerable differences among SQL developers.

MySQL is the most popular SQL variant and the unofficial standard for web applications. MySQL ensures data management (even on a larger scale) in the background of web-based services such as WordPress or Facebook. The software environment for the web server is a LAMP stack, an environment which is completely open source. LAMP stands for the combined use of Linux as an operating system, Apache as the web server, MySQL as database software and PHP as the programming language for the web application.

Microsoft’s database solution, Microsoft SQL, is not as common, but is more popular for big business customers. Microsoft SQL is used on Windows Server systems instead of the LAMP Stack, and is used together with .NET technologies like ASP.NET. This is where the largest difference between MySQL and Microsoft SQL developers arises.

A Microsoft SQL developer needs to be experienced in the specifics of Windows Server and the .NET Framework. In addition, they will need to know a lot about the interplay with other Microsoft software components. This is an especially important point to consider when deciding to use Microsoft SQL or MySQL. In comparison, a traditional MySQL developer is specialised in Linux setups.

In both cases, a developer will need to be well-experienced in more than just SQL to do good work. SQL does not stand alone, but is instead strongly linked to the applications that retrieve data.

SQL developer: Outsourcing to India

If you need an SQL developer for database projects, specialisation in MySQL or Microsoft SQL plays an important role. The search for suitable professionals can become very difficult, time-consuming and/or expensive. Fortunately, there are many suitable professionals on the international Outsourcing market. India, as the world’s largest IT Outsourcing provider, plays an especially important role here.

If a company is using Indian workers for the first time, they are often unsure and full of questions. What is the best way to integrate the worker into local teams, how should the project management work?

Outsourcing4work can be a big help to you in these cases. If you are looking for an SQL developer from India, we can easily find a suitable professional for you. Even complex SQL projects become affordable with Indian professionals and the otherwise lengthy search becomes much more manageable with us.

We also don’t leave you alone once we have found you the right employees, but with our own project managers we will take over project coordination, thus ensuring your project’s success. As our client, you will also not need to worry about any legalities or tax-related bureaucracy: you conclude the contract with us as a European company. We then take care of the rest.