QA tester from India

Ideally, a QA tester should find bugs in the software before the client does, give tips on user-friendliness for customer satisfaction, increase profits, be technically up-to-date and be available – many qualities that are highly sought-after. But if you take a closer look, you will realise that many QA testers cannot fulfil this extensive list of requirements.

Quality assurance with a QA tester: if you want more

The QA tester market is very diverse and – especially for newcomers – very complex. Anyone looking for a good and experienced software tester for the duration of their project is often left disappointed. Either the QA tester is not truly knowledgeable because they do QA as a part-time job, or because it is not apparent at first just how much experience and expertise a freelance software tester truly has. And if you have a larger project and have to rely on the QA tester because the project must be market ready within a closely defined time frame? It’s not unheard of for projects to fail even under the best conditions.

Outsourcing to India offers more security in QA testing

Many companies rely on a tried and true solution: they rely on service providers who provide European clients with software testers from India. The Indian market offers European IT companies huge potential by the Outsourcing of developer and support services, which software tests belong to.  Outsourcing4work is a service provider well-versed in this, and has excellent contacts. It knows how to use this potential and what companies should be aware of when accessing the Indian market. Outsourcing4work shows companies how they can enter the Indian market, what steps they need to take to successfully outsource information technology tasks and how they can find suitable employees outside of Europe. In addition, Outsourcing4work has partner companies in India whose permanent employees can take over software tests and other IT tasks. Understanding Indian business practices and intercultural and linguistic differences is not necessary: Outsourcing4work offers its clients the complete package.

Facing changes in demographic with professionals from India

Outsourcing4work’s offer is a response to the increasing demand for Indian professionals by European companies. There is currently a severe lack of software experts in Europe. However, there are many highly trained IT professionals in India, professionals who studied computer science and have many years of experience in these fields. Ultimately, we live in a globalised world and help our clients reach their full potential. Outsourcing individual areas of activity offers companies a flexible opportunity to deal with demographic changes and increasing cost pressures in Germany.