Qualifizierter Spieleprogrammierer

If you are looking for a game developer for a current or new project, then you will need patience. Unlike traditional software development, the gaming industry has its own rules to follow. Factors such as aesthetic, humour, originality and sound and image quality are just as important as features, performance and graphics and animation quality.

If a game developer is needed it usually means that an expert in a specific development environment or game engine is required. These profiles can be very different depending on the type of game. There is a wide range of commercial solutions from commercial solutions, up to custom developments in large game studios.

Looking for a game developer? What genre and which platform?

Interaction and gameplay are very different among the various computer genres. There are logic and skill games with a relatively static point of view and in which only certain tokens or items are moved. The artificial intelligence, random number generators, construction and visual implementation of the game logic are the central focus of the game.

Classic jump and run games often rely on the interaction of the game figure in a scrolling world of standard elements. If the game is not meant to be a clone of Super Mario, then the game developer will need to create an original and flexible control of the character. There are a number of engines for jump and run games such as Stencyl or Greenfoot. These simplify code-writing and let you work with a world editor.

Games intended to be played in web browsers and on smartphones often require specific game developers. They need to implement the project on as many platforms as possible and retain the same quality. The wide variety of systems and devices can make this an almost impossible task. However, there are a number of gaming engines which let you develop multiple interfaces at the same time.

Complex 3D games are a class in and of themselves and are the most interesting area for game developers to work in. These types of projects usually require a lot of time and can only be achieved with numerous specialists for the individual areas. If you are looking for these types of 3D game developers, then you will usually require a professional. They should be specialised in one of the following leading 3D engines. CryEngine, Unity or Unreal.

Affordable game developer needed and found

More and more studios and projects are looking for game developers to help keep development costs in check. And offshore workers with special expertise are especially in demand. Indian game developers play a key role in this field, just as with other IT areas. You can easily find a suitable specialist in the Asian country. India shines in comparison to other countries when it comes to Outsourcing experience and salary level. European clients can benefit from the significantly lower rates for their own game projects.

If you are interested in a computer games developer from India, you can let your game project be completely realised in India, or you can hire Indian specialists to relieve some of the burden on your own development team.

We have many years of experience in offshore Outsourcing to India and have access to a large number of highly qualified game professionals in India. To ensure that nothing goes wrong while Outsourcing to India, we as a European company take over direct responsibility for your project’s success. At Outsourcing4work we have discovered that most clients prefer a local contact person, and can be a bit sceptical about contracts with an Indian partner.

Therefore, you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. And one of our experienced Scrum project managers will be by your side to ensure smooth communication and implementation.