Magento Certified Developer aus Indien: Günstige Expertise

Magento Certified Developers are tested by the manufacturer of the popular shop software with a sophisticated exam. If you are looking for a Magento professional to set up your own online shops, you should definitely use a Magento Certified Developer.

The exams for certification are offered all over the world according to a uniform scheme. Magento’s market leadership has made it possible to find an excellently trained Magento Certified Developer anywhere in the world.

Magento Certified Developer: the different levels

Magento offers five different certifications to show the developer’s Magento expertise. If you are looking for a Magento Certified Developer, it is useful to know the differences of the different qualification levels.

The title of Magento Certified Developer is the first seal of quality, as it allows the Magento professional to advertise their expertise. The exams are carried out in a licensed test centre at a computer without an internet connection, and you cannot use any notes.

The test is only for the Magento Community Edition (CE) and consists of 72 multiple choice questions which are randomly selected from a question pool, and which need to be answered within one and a half hours. To achieve a good result, a developer will need theoretical knowledge from studying, as well as practical experience. Very basic experience with Magento is not sufficient for the Magento Certified Developer exam.

A Magento Certified Developer Plus will have a somewhat more extensive exam that lasts two hours and contains 87 questions to answer, which also include the Magento Enterprise Edition (EE), in addition to Magento CE.

A Magento Certified Front End Developer is not only experienced in installation and control of Magento, but also the creation and adaptation of Magento themes, which are a must for an attractive online presence. To pass the two-hour exam with 71 questions you will need to have extensive knowledge of Magento CE as well as Magento EE, and in HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming.

As a Magento Certified Solution Specialist a developer has achieved the second highest certification available and is very experienced in every detail of the hardware. To pass the one and a half hour exam with 66 questions you should have already had years of practical experience and have already passed the other levels of certification.

A developer will be tested on the Magento architecture (layouts, themes, extensions and customisations, Magento data models), elements of complex Magento e-commerce websites (catalogues, shipping, payment methods, order processing, promotions, data import/data export, etc.) and the systematic use of expertise to accomplish specific business goals.

If you are planning a Magento shop, it is worth it to use a shop developer with the highest qualification possible. A normal Magento Certified Developer or a Magento Certified Developer Plus will be able to create a good online shop for you, but will usually use commercial themes that fit your requirements.

That is usually enough for many online shops. In shops that are more complex with special features, thousands of products and integrated third party software, these developers might be slightly overwhelmed.

Magento Certified Developer as an Outsourcing professional

Outsourcing4work can provide you with an experienced Magento Certified Developer, Magento Certified Front End Developer or even a Magento Certified Solution Specialist as a service provider from India. We have many years of experience with shop and CMS systems and have access to a large pool of highly qualified Magento professionals in India.

In comparison to a European Magento agency, Indian Magento experts are significantly cheaper. For the same money you can easily afford a much more experienced and higher certified Magento developer.

If you would like to realise the development, further development or maintenance of a Magento shop with an Indian partner, then we are happy to work out a concrete offer with you as a European contract partner. We will also take over the project management with our own Scrum/Agile professionals to ensure optimal implementation.