A Magento agency will take over the work for you when creating and setting up an online. Although, you could theoretically set up Magento yourself using your own IT employees, its best to use a Magento agency due to the Magento shop software’s high level of complexity.

To ensure that your shop is successful later on, you will need to make sure the shopping experience is well-made. It’s the same for Magento as it is for other shop systems: concept and implementation is everything. Magento is the most popular shop software by far and is used in more than one percent of all websites. Yet this does not guarantee the future e-commerce success of your shop.

What to pay attention to in a Magento agency

Just as with web developers, refences are an important indication of skill for Magento agencies, as well as of their professionalism. If the Magento agency has already established many shops and the website refer to it on the appropriate page, this is usually a good sign. If you have to ask for references first, this is usually not as good – maybe even a reason to pass them over.

It’s more important to look at the size and range of online shops that have already been implemented than the amount of them. Every type of product is different and requires different adjustments. A different approach is better for electronic products with volatile prices and stock levels than for fashion or food. The visual presentation of the products in high resolution images is also an important factor – maybe even in 3D or videos.

A good Magento agency will also usually be certified by the Magento company. Magento offers five different certifications to show skill. The titles Magento Certified Solution Specialist, Front End Developer Certification and Certified Developer and Developer Plus are especially important.

In addition to setting up a base shop, a good Magento agency will also create external extensions and third party interfaces such as payment systems or a merchandise management system. If the provider has the right expertise, and maybe even technology partners for such extensions, this is a good sign.

Once the shop has been set up, the work in Magento is still far from finished. Many aspects which were not previously considered will only be revealed during operation, and the shop will then gradually be developed and optimised. Make sure you pay attention to which further services the Magento agency offers after finishing set up, and which service packages are available for what rates. It is not recommended to later switch providers for service and development.

How to find an Indian Magento agency

If you are looking for an Indian Magento agency to save costs, we at Outsourcing4work can provide you with the right service provider. Thanks to our many years of experience with shop and CMS systems we know what matters in the selection process.

Once the suitable partner for your Magento project has been found we don’t leave you on your own. As a European contracting partner we take over responsibility for professional implementation with our own Scrum/Agile project managers. Coordinating offshore service providers from another culture requires a good level of experience and management expertise.