Linux administrator from India

Professional Linux support is not cheap. The operating system’s high flexibility has resulted in the fact that the installation and setups can differ very much from one another. Individual Linux distributions and custom systems are now so different that a private consultant market has emerged for interfaces like Linux Mint, Red Hat or SUSE Linux.

Once it has been properly set up, users can easily use it and a Linux admin with little experience can take care of routine maintenance tasks. In case of an emergency, an external Linux support provider can help with extensive updates or solve tricky problems. Regular Linux support or maintenance through service contracts can save a lot of money when it comes to complex server setups or extensive workplace networks.

Linux support: continual administration or troubleshooting

Linux servers or single computer systems can be maintained over distance thanks to the good networking capabilities and excellent user and rights administration. A remote Linux administrator as an affordable Outsourcing specialist is therefore a good choice to keep an eye on your costs, and to also have access to excellent expertise at the same time.

This type of external Linux support is well worth it in many cases and is almost always much cheaper than your own IT staff. If you are interested in the complete management of your Linux system, then it’s best to use an all-rounder with comprehensive knowledge in various areas. An external Linux administrator can also be used for setting up and optimising specific systems, for tests or even just kept on call.

Linux admins are also frequently used for web server support. These run to a large extent on the LAMP Stack, which refers to a combination of Linux as an operating system, the open source web server Apache, MySQL as a server-side database software and PHP for web applications such as content management systems.

If you do not want to use the expensive and inflexible managed hosting of this provider, you will need a qualified Linux administrator. If you use affordable Outsourcing employees, you can save a lot of money this way.

Money tip: Linux support from Indian professionals

If you are looking for a Linux support provider, you have your pick of Indian IT service providers. India is well-known for its excellently educated IT professionals in all branches and is unbeatable when it comes to the level of salaries. Thanks to its renowned IT sector, India is now one of the leading providers of IT Outsourcing services in the world. Did you know that more than 55% of all global IT Outsourcing activities are done in India?

We at Outsourcing4work are specialised in the procurement of Indian IT professionals and can provide you with a Linux support provider with distribution specific expertise. This also applies to less common products with a smaller market share which can be hard to find professionals for in Europe.

Everything is possible with us, from a one-off service contract to long-term maintenance on an hourly basis. We adapt to your needs. We also take over the responsibility to ensure that everything for your Linux support runs according to plan. We use our own Scrum/Agile project managers who take care of the virtual project management of the Indian IT professionals.