Professioneller jQuery Programmierer

Good jQuery developers are sought-after experts for the development and improvement of modern web applications. jQuery is now by far the most widely used JavaScript library, thanks to many years of strong growth. jQuery’s market share has doubled within five years, and is currently at an impressive seventy percent.

jQuery developers use the JavaScript library as a toolkit for creating cross-platform web applications. jQuery provides important and commonly used standard features which do not need to be reprogrammed again from scratch. This is an especially important factor in rich-client applications which dominate the web and are similar to traditional desktop programs in appearance and operation.

Why jQuery developers are in such high demand

A key factor when it comes to jQuery’s high popularity is its use in the most important content management systems (CMS) and blog systems. These now comprise the majority of all websites worldwide.

Cross-browser compatibility is now no longer the central focus of programming with jQuery. Nowadays, JavaScript frameworks iron out the several differences in implementation between Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge and more. Other factors also play an important role in jQuery:

  • jQuery developers can work in a consistent object-oriented manner because the library is strictly based on JavaScript’s object-oriented approach. This makes development much easier.
  • In addition, jQuery relies on unobtrusive JavaScript which is especially important for mobile and responsive websites. The design of the package causes jQuery developers to split HTML and JavaScript code. This leads to a strict separation of content, management and presentation of a website or web application.
  • It is especially simple to manipulate the DOM interface which is a huge advantage for the dynamic display of web contents. A jQuery developer can directly select content from the DOM tree directly with the help of CSS selectors.
  • Something which is very important for multimedia applications: jQuery offers robust implementations for JavaScript-controled HTTP requests in AJAX system and HTML5 scripting interfaces.

jQuery’s popularity also has to do with the great availability of powerful plugins, which allow many elements to be implemented without a lot of programming effort. Slide shows, drop-down menus, tabs, WYSIWYG editors or HTML5 capable audio and video players are of particular note. You have probably already noticed that many sites have similar features. The reason often lies in plugins.

jQuery developers are JavaScript professionals

jQuery is a specialisation and special qualification for JavaScript. A good jQuery developer should therefore also be a competent JavaScript developer. When selecting a jQuery professional you should always keep an eye on their JavaScript skills.

It is always worth your while to take a look at India to save costs. You can easily find top-educated and affordable jQuery professionals in the Asian country. This does not mean that you have to outsource the entire web development. Indian jQuery developers who are experienced on the international stage can be easily integrated virtually into existing teams – either for the development of the jQuery part of your project or to develop a custom plugin.

India plays a prominent role in IT Outsourcing because the company has focused on IT over the last few years, and has adapted to fit the high demand from the West. Nowadays, India is regarded as an IT nation with low salary levels.

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