Java software developers can be used in many applications.  Java is platform-independent object-oriented programming language, and is therefore used for applications on almost all operating systems. This includes not only Windows, Mac and desktop Linux, but also smartphones, TVs and many other devices on which a Linux spin-off is used.

Java software developers stick to specific implementation during development that is compatible with the final run time environment. The software company Oracle offers such run time environments for many operating systems, without which the Java programming code cannot be run.

Java software developers are versatile

There are five main types of Java applications that a Java software developer can program.

Java web applications are loaded on a web server and executed there. The interfaces shown in the web browser usually run on HTML and JavaScript, and are therefore system independent and can be run without their own run-time environment.

Java desktop applications are ordinary programs that require a Java run-time environment to be executed. A well-known example of a Java desktop application is the popular computer game Minecraft.

Java applets run mini-programs that are embedded in web pages with your web browser. The Java plug-in provided by Oracle for the major browsers is required to run. The programming is simpler than for Java web applications, because Java software developers need to create a server component and a browser component at the same time.

Java apps are usually found on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Usually Java Micro Edition (Java ME) is used as a run-time environment.

The high rates for a Java developer

An end user usually does not realise that Java is in use, except for the well-known plug-in for web browsers. It may surprise many that Java is the most used programming language. According to statistics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s leading professional organisation for software developers, Java is the most popular programming language worldwide. A Java developer is therefore not an exotic species, and can be found all over the globe.

But this does not mean that a Java developer is cheap. The high supply is met by an equally large demand. According to the monthly comparison analysis by Gooroo Insights, a worldwide comparison shows that a Java developer earns an average of around 90,000 US dollars. This is even slightly more than the equally sought after C++, C and C# developers.

Indian Java developers are more affordable

Instead of looking for an expensive Java developer in Europe, more and more companies are taking advantage of the large supply of highly skilled Java developers from India.

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