Wordpress Maintenance mit indischen Spezialisten

Continuous WordPress maintenance is a must for business websites. Although WordPress is an excellent content management system (CMS), that is not necessarily enough. If, once you have created a WordPress website, you decide that will maintain it yourself, this could be a grave mistake.

The facts: a good fourth of the internet now runs on WordPress. This is an impressive number which proves the popularity and quality of the CMS. Nevertheless, there are still many vulnerabilities in the system. If you want to professionally and securely run WordPress, you will need use continual maintenance. Fortunately, you can buy the technical expertise of a specialised provider for WordPress maintenance.

Why WordPress maintenance is so important

Three factors play a big role in WordPress maintenance: security, performance and keeping the operation of the site free of interruption without limitations.

The modular structure of WordPress plays a key role in this. Every WordPress page is a combination of the WordPress package as an interface, as well as the templates to put on it. These provide the basic design that you want. In addition, plugins create custom features and elements.

The basic problem is that WordPress is innately not secure. It can still be easily hacked. This is why you should use the appropriate security plugins (such as Wordfence, all in one WP Security & Firewall) or manual modifications to the CMS code which can protect a WordPress website against manual or automated attacks.

The top 5 vulnerabilities in an unprotected WordPress page are:

  • SQL injection & URL hacking
  • Free access to sensitive files in the standard setup
  • Standardised and more vulnerable administrator access
  • Standard prefix for your database tables
  • No protection against brute-force attacks

These serious vulnerabilities have been around for some time and are well-documented on many online pages. Luckily, WordPress can be protected against them with the right expertise. However, it can’t be done on a WordPress website with a single security customisation, and unfortunately, the CMS can’t be protected permanently from attacks without continuous WordPress maintenance. And this is mainly due to two reasons: first, there are always new WordPress vulnerabilities found which then need to be addressed. And secondly, there are always new updates from WordPress itself for the templates and plugins.

If you don’t keep your WordPress page up to date, vulnerabilities are sure to arise and hackers can easily take advantage of them. One of the most memorable instances recently has been the Panama Papers case. This was almost certainly due to an unprotected WordPress page.

Advanced WordPress maintenance: backups, performance, uptime, comments

The continuous maintenance of the database and creating regular updates goes hand in hand with regular updates of the WordPress software installation. This lets a WordPress page be quickly restored in most cases. Hacker attacks or even updates can cause permanent damage to a WordPress website due to server failures, and this can only be restored through a backup.

WordPress maintenance providers can secure the virtually uninterrupted and fast operation of a WordPress website with various techniques. Automated uptime monitoring and the use of content delivery networks (CDN) are part of the maintenance program for professional sites with many page views. Customised WordPress maintenance can be expanded with additional offers such as free development requests or comment management.

WordPress maintenance from India: quality at fair rates

European providers can charge between fifty and several hundred euros a month for professional WordPress maintenance, which is not necessarily a high amount for the large amount of expertise and time necessary. Because the activities are all done online, the work can be easily outsourced to India to a significantly cheaper Indian offshore service provider.

Fortunately, since WordPress is so popular it is easy to outsource to a provider. Ultimate, you can find countless WordPress maintenance providers in the IT nation who will perform the same services at a fraction of the cost. With the corresponding Indian providers it makes sense to contract a comprehensive package and less complex activities that you can take care of yourself with a bit of know-how.

If you are interested in WordPress maintenance from India, we are happy to take over finding a suitable provider for you. We are specialised in Outsourcing to Indian IT professionals and will take over the recruitment as well as the professional coordination of the employees with our own project managers. You can book WordPress maintenance at a fixed rate, or hire a developer on an hourly basis. The contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company for your security.