Professional game developer

Successful games are hardly possible without a game tester. The very experienced gamer with hundreds or even thousands of hours of playing time will give valuable advice on what can be improved in the game. In contrast to other professions, there are hardly any formal qualifications for game testers, and it is usually based purely on experience.

But there are hard selection criteria for game testers, both for beginners and experienced testers. To start as a game tester they will need to prove their knowledge through online visible player profiles and leader boards. If a person can stand out from the crowd and is experienced in different game genres, they are suitable to be a game developer. They also need good foreign language skills and analytical thinking skills, and both factors can be assessed through automated tests.

This is usually enough for simple game apps and casual games. The additional necessary testing tools and documentation tools can be learned relatively easily.

What game testers should be able to do

Game developers like to rely on experienced game testers for complex titles, testers who have already participated in a number of games and know the typical test tasks. This includes knowledge of standardized tools and the commonly used analysis and productivity tools. Here is an incomplete list of tasks that are expected of a game tester.

A game tester must often…

… Play through the games in as many ways as possible.

… Test various versions and levels.

… Check graphics and game flow with various hardware and/or performance settings.

… Compare the game with similar titles.

… Determine the reasons for bugs and other problems.

… Check the accessibility for people with disabilities.

… Recognise spelling and pronunciation mistakes.

… Write menu structures and setting modes.

… Create error logs and make suggestions for improvement.

Game tester is a classic Outsourcing job

As you can see, a game tester position requires mainly time and a passion for computer games. Game testers are almost never found in a company – game developers prefer to use a game tester from the huge gaming community who works from home.

If you need a game tester, you can use a specialised team who offers their services as a professional agency. Whatever your need may be, it is always advisable to cast a glance towards India.

The game industry has developed greatly over the last few years in the large IT site. There are many game studios with their own titles and which also work as an Outsourcing service provider for game developers and game testers who work with international companies.

Indian game testers: affordable and professional

If you are looking for a knowledgeable game tester, Outsourcing4work is happy to help with temporary employees. You can leave the language-relevant tests in Europe, the Indian game tester will complete all tasks just as well and at a lower rate.

You can also outsource other areas of game development to India; certain development and design, or the design of sound effects. We can also provide you with dedicated employees and a cost-saving branch (light) in India.