Freelance Software developer

If you are a freelance developer you often are not tied to any one specific location. Thanks to the internet, collaboration on large project teams is no longer a problem. Large amounts of data can now be shared easily through broadband connections, and modern collaboration tools enable you to simultaneously work on documents and program code. And thanks to video conference technology, a freelance software developer can interact at any time with their customers and co-workers.

Freelance developers can be found in all areas. Some of them take on entire projects, such as for app or website development, others coordinate the development of important components in leveraged open source projects.  Others work as a freelancer in temporary contracts.

A freelance developer can unite with other specialists to form a team to work as an agency or software company to offer tailor-made products. An example of such teams are HTML, PHP and JavaScript experts who develop and distribute modules, plug-ins and templates for content management systems together as a brand.

Go global as a freelance software developer

If a freelance software developer offers their own product individually or in a team, they are of course interested in reaching as many clients as possible. App developers offer their programs in English as much as possible, as well as in many other languages, in order to reach many potential customers. A free software developer markets themselves internationally for contracted work as well. They can then attract more lucrative jobs from other countries, more than if they only focused on working nationally or regionally.

European freelance software developers typically compete with colleagues from many countries, and take on contracts from abroad. It is not always apparent for a European client, but the market for software developers is very globalised.

India is now considered to be a leading country thanks to its highly qualified yet affordable IT experts. In contrast to their Indian colleagues, a European or American freelance software developer has a decisive disadvantage: the cost of living, taxes and charges are much higher in these countries.

Freelance software Developer India: how to find one

If you would like to benefit from the cost advantages of working with a freelance software developer from India, Outsourcing4work is happy to help. Outsourcing4work has specialized in providing Indian software developers for years.

Through a comprehensive network of partners we can offer software developers for all imaginable languages. Whether Java, C++, PHP, or even difficult-to-find COBOL developers. Thanks to our many years of experience, we will find the right expert for every need.

You can either virtually integrate an Indian software developer into a current project, or you can outsource the entire development process with the help of one of our German and English speaking project managers. Outsourcing4work provides temporary or dedicated employees, or even a branch (light) with a team working exclusively for you.

Our project managers from Europe work with Agile, Scrum and Kanban, and ensure problem-free communication with every developer during the project. You won’t run into any contractual or payment issues as you will conclude your contract directly with us a European company.