Embedded software developers

Embedded software developers write software for specific hardware and machines. While twenty years ago this area primarily played a role in the industry, nowadays embedded software is found in everyday goods.

Today embedded software engineers equip many devices with intelligent control technology. The growing field includes cars, telephones, Hi-Fi systems, refrigerators, hearing aids and even electronic toys.

The embedded software used in these devices can be very complex, but also extremely simple. What nearly every device has in common is a chipset with processor, main memory, and sensors. In addition they also have a data input and output, and signalling devices for connected hardware.

Many embedded software developers are experienced engineers

The efficient use of system resources is a key issue for developing embedded software. In contrast to the work method for traditional applications, an embedded software developer must exploit the existing CPU performance and the often tiny storage.

There can be no compromises for stability. Have you ever had to jump your car because the engine wouldn’t start? What is considered everyday life for Windows machines is considered disastrous for embedded software.

This is why embedded software developers often don’t only develop single programs, but also create the appropriate operating system to run it. It is then developed to be very hardware-oriented to ensure everything runs problem-free.

In expensive products like cars the manufacturers can usually use a relatively standardized system for many models. In some cases however it must still be strongly tailored.

An embedded software developer therefore should have a very good knowledge of hardware for successful work. They provide important information for the design of circuit plans and help in the selection of the appropriate components.

Hardware-oriented programming is standard for an embedded software developer

Hardware-oriented programming requires good knowledge of assembly. And in contrast to normal software developers, embedded software developers do not produce nearly as much code.

It can take days of work to create just fifty lines of sophisticated code in hardware-oriented programming. Everything must be as efficient and resource saving as possible. A big time-consuming factor here is debugging, which an embedded software developer must approach very differently.

Problems are measured with an oscilloscope of the current flow, or a logic analyser is used which records the passage of time of the digital signals and depicts it.

How to find an affordable embedded software engineer

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