CMS Agencies from India

An experienced CMS agency will create you a website using a content management system (CMS). The days of individual website development are gone. Whether for a blog, portfolio page or corporate presence, with CMS environments like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento you will not only reach your goals faster, but also cheaper.

Choose the right platform with the help of a CMS agency

A CMS lets you create and manage content on a site with a comfortable interface. The once set design and dynamic functions remain untouched. New content appears on predetermined areas or as standalone pages. Important basic elements such as graphics, menus, sidebars and the general design are set uniformly for the whole website.

A homepage can then be kept dynamic, because individual content such as articles, subpages and topic blocks can be exchanged at any time.

A CMS agency will help you in the selection and creation of the content management system that is best for you. Once the page is online, you can manage the contents later even without any special knowledge with a back-end.

A CMS agency can either specialise in a specific CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, or they can offer several platforms. Before choosing a CMS agency that specialises in a specific system, you should know the main differences between the individual platforms. You can save yourself time and effort by using a CMS agency that specialises in several platforms, or you can use a service provider like Outsourcing4work.

WordPress vs Joomla

In the search for a CMS agency and web developers you will often hear the word WordPress. The software which was originally only intended for bloggers has now become the market leader, thanks to its especially easy setup and the many pre-made design templates and plugins with special functions that let even beginners achieve great results.

Joomla also uses design templates and plugins like WordPress. Because it’s not as popular, the selection isn’t as extensive. WordPress currently offers around 27,000 free plugins and 2,000 free design templates. With around 900 templates and 7,000 plug-ins, Joomla can’t quite keep up. Joomla often requires more development work for special functions and adjustments. Joomla therefore is better for web 2.0 functions and e-commerce.

Drupal and specific CMS

Very large companies and organisations with many page views often use Drupal. In contrast to WordPress and Joomla, Drupal requires fewer system resources and can be especially well adapted with little development effort. However, CMS is everything but an all-rounder, carefree package. Even basic adjustments will often need a CMS agency developer because the learning curve is especially steep for Drupal.

A good CMS agency will not limit themselves to these three major systems. For certain purposes there might be a better suited CMS which is less known. For example, Magento is the market leader for online shops, and companies often like to use Typo3, which is often better suited for large websites thanks to its sophisticated user management and caching.

A specialised CMS agency from India saves money

At Outsourcing4work we will provide you with an experienced CMS agency from India upon request. We have many years of experience specifically in the area of CMS and we are well-suited in assisting you in your search for the best CMS agency. You will remain unbiased in your pre-selection and you will later save money in the construction and operation of your website.