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Bootstrap developers are relatively hard to find. The free CSS framework which was put onto the market in Twitter in 2011 is still relatively young. Bootstrap was originally used exclusively for Twitter’s internal analysis and management tools in order to reduce maintenance costs. As with many start-ups, Twitter initially used an unorganized collection of different libraries for programming and then unified its coding activities with Bootstrap.

Among Bootstrap’s strengths you will find an existing focus on modern web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. In order to get the most out of modern techniques, Bootstrap relies on a progressive improvement as a development approach, in contrast to other frameworks. Thanks to alternative style definitions in the style sheets for various browsers, backwards compatibility without sacrificing advanced techniques is guaranteed. If an older browser does not support a specific functionality, the user is simply shown a display which works for them.

Bootstrap developers realise attractive web(site) applications

This quickly made Bootstrap into one of the most widely used HTML, CSS and JS frameworks for mobile web applications. In addition to Twitter, Bootstrap is used by a number of renowned providers. NASA, Spotify, Newsweek, Vogue, and the University of Washington are just some of the many well-known names. Bootstrap is often used for creating interactive websites with interesting effects and multimedia elements, as you can probably tell. This makes it a front end framework. Bootstrap is not suitable for back end development or server applications.

The current Bootstrap version is Version 3, which is no longer maintained by the main developers. This should accelerate the development of Bootstrap 4, which is still in the alpha development stage. If you are planning a web project with Bootstrap and are looking for a suitable developer, you should make sure that this developer is well-experienced in Bootstrap 3 and stays up-to-date on Bootstrap 4. It is expected that the developer will place more value on modern techniques instead of backwards compatibility, as has already been shown in Bootstrap Version 2 to Version 3. However, it doesn’t make sense to postpone a project until the release of Bootstrap 4. You can still realise modern and exciting projects with Bootstrap 3.

In comparison to other frameworks such as the PHP area like Zend or Symfony, Bootstrap favours a streamlined approach. Due to the fact that Bootstrap brings numerous pre-made grids, patterns and other CSS and HTML elements which can be used straight away, a web designer can save themselves many hours of coding work. However, one should still learn about other frameworks such as Ulkit, Foundation and HTML5 Boilerplate. Each website project is unique and has its own specific requirements.

Bootstrap developers from India

Outsourcing to Indian IT professionals is a great option in order to realise Bootstrap website projects quickly and affordably. There are many Bootstrap developers located in India, and their rates are a fraction of the cost of their colleagues in Europe.

Since Bootstrap is primarily front end orientated, it is somewhat easier to compare different providers. A look at references and previous Bootstrap projects will quickly reveal what a Bootstrap developer is capable of. Teams of Bootstrap developers and stylish designers are often the best choice.

Outsourcing4work is happy to help you find a Bootstrap developer from India who suits your needs. We are specialised in IT Outsourcing to India and have many years of experience in this field. And because we understand how complex web projects are, we provide you with one of our India-experienced Scrum project managers to stay by your side. They will keep watch over each work step and will ensure smooth communication between you and the Indian partners. You conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. We will also look after the payment of the Indian Bootstrap developers. You will not need to worry about contract security or bureaucratic hurdles with us.