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Application developers nowadays have the choice between many different technologies and development tools. It’s not immediately apparent to the end user just how different the software development is between apps.

The approach an application developer takes for the software development depends on many various factors.

How application developers decide on the app design

If an application developer only develops for single platforms like iOS or Android, they are a bit freer in their choice of programming languages and development tools.

If an app needs to be developed for multiple platforms with as uniform a design as possible, in addition to having the same features, the developer will need to take an integral approach so that many steps will only need to be done once.

A further important factor is which device hardware should be controlled by the app. The more sensors, interfaces and hardware functions it needs, the more specific the work of the application developer. In general, distinctions are made between native applications, web applications and hybrid apps in app development.

Native app development

For native apps the application developer uses a “native” programming language that is compatible with the system and focuses on exact specifications for the hardware to control things such as the processor, memory management and other components such as a camera.

For iOS which runs on the iPhone and the iPad, Objective-C is most often used, while Java is used mainly on Android devices. Apps can be implemented in several languages for Windows – such as C++, .NET or even HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Native applications are generally very efficient and are especially well-suited for computationally intensive tasks, such as 3D computer games or navigation software.

Web applications

Many mobile apps are actually web applications, although it is not always immediately apparent on the device. An application developer will use the same techniques used on traditional websites during development: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS and so on.

Complex web applications usually use a client-server architecture. The computationally intensive part is performed on a web server that is used for control and output on the client side running on the mobile device. Web applications can be run on all types of devices with just a few simple adjustments and are perfect to use if an application developer would like to cover as many system types as possible. The disadvantages are that you need a constant connection to the internet, longer response times and a very limited access to the hardware.

Hybrid applications

Hybrid applications let the application developer combine the advantages of web apps and native application development. A native wrapper is written in the language understood by the target platform and provides an expanded access to the hardware as an interface to the operating system for the acceleration sensor, the memory management or other functions.  A website is then placed into the wrapper which consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and only accesses the device hardware indirectly.

An application developer can provide an offline version of a hybrid app which saves all the data from the virtual website directly on the device. An Internet connection is therefore not required. Hybrid applications therefore usually have an additional online mode for complex functions and for other functions that need current data.

An application developer usually uses certain frameworks such as titanium or Adobe PhoneGap for hybrid apps to develop the app for various operating systems at the same time.

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