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If you would like to find an app developer, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can realise your own app project professionally and affordably with an Indian app developer. They are available as Outsourcing professionals for every possible app type.

Find an app developer for all types of applications

The term app is not very old. It sounds elegant and clever and is used for all kinds of applications today. In earlier years one spoke of programs and computer programmers, today it is apps and app developers. Although it’s not always about mobile apps, many do not make a distinction. Did you know that the term app became popular after the first iPhone in 2007? A look at the Google search shows this impressive trend in the following graph.

Today, you can find app developers for all platforms. There are mobile app developers who focus on Android, iOS or Windows Mobile, Java app developers, web app developers and Universal Windows App developers, who are relatively new.

Windows 10 Mobile vs. Android vs. iOS

Microsoft introduced the Universal Windows Platform with Windows 10, which allows for simple and simultaneous app development for a wide range of devices. For app developers it is easy to publish a single app for desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, and soon even game consoles such as the Xbox One using the tools provided by Microsoft. The software giant aims to score points against Android and iOS, as its own Windows 10 Mobile System has hardly motivated any app developers to develop for it, due to its low market share. However, Windows is still the dominant leader in the market for traditional PCs.

App development is booming

It is easy to see that app developers are highly sought after. Getting started is easier for software developers than for traditional application software, and with a good idea you can even become rich as a freelance app developer without needing to take on any large risks or investments.

Contract work is also booming in the field of apps. You don’t need to be a developer to have a good idea for an app. It’s enough to simply find a good app developer! Creative minds and app agencies complement each other, to the benefit of both sides, and many companies use external providers for app development.

Find Indian app developers and benefit from cost savings

If you are planning your own app and would like to find a suitable app developer, we can help. Outsourcing4work provides professional Indian app developers for every platform. Choosing an Indian software developer over a European provider will lower costs significantly. In addition, you will get better quality apps for the same amount of investment.

With us, you can realise an app project at a fixed rate, hire temporary employees or even an entire team of Indian app developers. We have the necessary expertise and the suitable partner for projects of every size. Our European project managers will ensure successful implementation and an efficient communication between all parties.