App Developer in India

If you are looking for an app developer, you should take a look at India. In Europe it can often be difficult to find an app developer, but in this Asian country there are as many app developers as there are grains of sand on the beach. India has been investing in the IT sector for decades and is currently known around the world for its affordable and excellently trained IT professionals. Once you have a clear idea of what the app should be, you can outsource it relatively easily to a suitable professional in India.

What you should know when looking for an app developer

The demand for mobile apps is very high, and there’s no end in sight. For many companies, clubs and regional institutions in the public sector, an app is part of a professional online presence. Many of these apps often don’t make much sense, or they are badly implemented.

The number of downloads and reviews in Apple’s App Shore or on Google Play are then correspondingly low and show the app to be a non-starter. Before you rush into the search for an app developer, you should clarify a few important points.

Do you only have an idea or an app strategy as well?

There are some questions here for companies. Does the app expand on the business model? Do you want to generate income directly or indirectly stimulate your business with the app? Is this purely for brand presence, or also for specific sales incentives? Should the app expand on your service offers and your customer service? The clearer you can answer and prioritise these questions, the more systematically you can approach your search for an app developer.

App design and features: trendy and/or functional?

Unpopular apps are often badly designed and have features that have been badly implemented. To ensure that an app developer can successfully implement your ideas, you should have illustrative images made, maybe even mock-ups of the menus and display screen. You can have a special designer create these drafts for you. The app developer can work from them later, which means they can fully concentrate on the development work.

Smart platform choice: Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

You will be able to reach the most users with Android, iOS allows higher margins for paid apps and with Windows Mobile you can publish a Universal Windows Platform app (UWP) at the same time for desktop computers, Windows smartphones and tablets, in addition to the Xbox One.

If you would like to cover Android, iOS and Windows, then you should look at developing a hybrid app. These are web apps that run on all systems with the help of a system specific app container. These types of packaged web apps can be published parallel for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile with minor adjustments.

How the search works: find an app developer from India

If you are looking for an Indian app developer, then you are not alone. Over time, a very large market of Outsourcing providers has developed, providers who specialise in contract work for foreign clients. It’s not very easy to separate the chaff from the wheat, and this is where we come in.

Outsourcing4work has many years of experience in the procurement of IT professionals, and, since it is our specialisation, know exactly what to look for when selecting a developer. No matter if it is new app development, further development of an existing app or app porting to additional platforms – we will easily find the right partner.

With us, you can realise an app project at a fixed rate, hire temporary app developers or even an entire team of Indian app developers as needed. You will not need to worry about any bureaucracy or legal uncertainty, as you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.