Bezahlbarer und professioneller Magento Support

Professional Magento support is expensive for shop operators. Magento customers who use the Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) because of the technical advantages and the included 24 hour support, pay a hefty USD 15,550 per year.

If you use the free Magento Community Edition (CE), you yourself will have to arrange the professional installation and Magento support via a third party provider. This is also not cheap. If you use a Magento support provider from India, even around-the-clock support is affordable.

Magento support: from simple to complete

In contrast to Magento support from the manufacturers, using external Magento professionals has the advantage that you can put together the services you want according to your own needs.

If you opted for the Magento Community Edition, you should have a performance optimisation of your online shop done by a Magento support provider. This is the major weak point of the free package when compared to Magento EE – Magento CE can be brought to its knees if many people access it simultaneously.

A good Magento support professional can get a lot of performance out of Magento CE thanks to their wide range of technical tricks, which you can’t expect from a non-optimised Magento shop. This is especially noticeable once the website begins operation through the significantly lower hosting costs.

If you are still building your online shop you can hand over the complex installation of additional features via plugins to professionals, as well as the integration to external applications and services through Magento APIs. It’s also possible to have them selectively help you as needed. It is then significantly easier to integrate payment systems, accounting tools, ERP systems and other expansions.

If you already operate a Magento store you will always have a qualified partner or service technician by your side for any problems or questions thanks to a Magento service plan. In many cases, it also makes sense to have a 24-hour monitoring of your Magento shop to ensure interruption-free operation.

Indian Magento support: certified and affordable

If you use Magento support from India it usually only costs a fraction of what a European Magento professional will. This does not mean, however, that you will have to compromise in terms of professionalism or knowledge. Thanks to Magento certifications from the company itself, you can compare different providers from around the world relatively easily. If you also look at the personal references from the Magento support professional, you can get a reliable impression of what the provider is really like.

Magento is the most popular shop software by far, and is used in more than one percent of all websites. Thanks to its high popularity you can find highly qualified Magento support providers all over the world. Many of the providers specialised in IT Outsourcing in India have many years of experience with offshore clients which will make it significantly easier to work with them.

If you would like to use the cost savings of an Indian Magento support agency, we at Outsourcing4work can help you. Thanks to our many years of experience with shop and CMS systems we know what matters in the selection process. We can easily provide you with the right Magento support provider for your personal situation.

We don’t leave you on your own after providing an Indian partner, but as a European company we provide our own Scrum/Agile project managers to assume responsibility for professional implementation. We know that coordinating offshore service providers from another culture requires specific management know how and will help you further.