Indian outsourcing

India Outsourcing has become a fixed phrase in many companies. India Outsourcing primarily describes the relocation of IT activities to countries in the East. While offshore Outsourcing is a global phenomenon with many players, India has attained the leading position in the technology sector.

At the same time as China revolutionized the area of industrial production and became the workbench of the world, India specialized in IT services. As a former colony and established democracy, India found it easy to enter the global collaborative economy. The fluent English language skills of an emerging Indian middle class played a large role in the rise to the world’s most respected IT nation.

India Outsourcing turned the IT economy upside down

Currently, India’s share of the international Outsourcing market is 55% – the country is the undisputed market leader, and the term India Outsourcing is on everyone’s lips. The Indian IT industry has more than three million employees, a large part of which are active in multinational companies or international projects.

Large IT companies have already positioned themselves and created sites in India. Did you know that IBM employs more than 150,000 employees in India? Accenture has 80,000 and Oracle has more than 31,000 employees. Google already employs more people in India than in any other location abroad.

Small and mid-sized enterprises can also benefit from India Outsourcing

Thanks to rapid technological progress, nearly everyone can participate in India Outsourcing. Fast internet connections and professional Outsourcing service providers like Outsourcing4work make it possible.

There is a vast number of highly trained Indian suppliers in all areas. Whether web development for small websites, game developers, COBOL experts, or Indian app developers for professional cross platform projects for major customers – in India you will find a professional for all imaginable niches with international experience.

Play it safe with the best of both worlds

Outsourcing4work uses a special approach in India Outsourcing to reduce the risks in international division of labour to a minimum. Even with experienced Indian partners, factors such as time zones, differences in mentality and legal hurdles can hinder success.

Outsourcing4work is therefore not a pure provider, but takes on the responsibility for the success of your project as a European contract partner.

Therefore, we employ project managers who are specialised in Agile software development, which not only ensures smooth communication, but also actively controls the progress of your project.

India Outsourcing is therefore just as easy for our clients as if they hired a European company and European software developers.