Professional Indian IT guy

India is a booming IT nation and, at the same time, a low wage country – which at first glance seems a bit contradictory in the Asian land. As a former democracy with English as an official language and a population of more than 1.25 billion people, India’s IT economy is not the world leader for global IT Outsourcing without reason.

In comparison to the rest of the world, India’s IT Outsourcing services have a market share of 55%. Clients from all over the world appreciate the relatively non-bureaucratic management in the country, as well as the high IT expertise of Indians.

India – IT at the highest level

Even before China opened its doors to become a production facility for global corporations, India began to specialise in IT services. Past governments recognised the opportunity of technological progress and prepared major ground by investing in the education system. In the meantime, Indian IT employs more than three million employees. Many of them work for foreign employers, are permanently employed in Indian subsidiaries of these companies or are IT Outsourcing professionals in Indian companies.

The leading technology companies positioned themselves early and now operate large scale IT sites in India. IBM employs more than 150,000 employees, Accenture has 80,000 Indian employees on-site and Oracle is well-represented with more than 31,000 Indian employees. Younger companies like Google are very active in India – the internet group employs more people in India than in any other foreign location.

Google’s young partnership with 30 Indian universities shows its aggressive and strategic planning, and Google has the ambitious plan of educating two million Android developers in just three years.

Cost advantage: India, IT and Outsourcing

You don’t need to be a large conglomerate with many billions of dollars to invest to benefit from the expertise of Indian IT professionals. The rapid development of the internet has brought about a very dynamic Outsourcing sector in the last ten years, once in which Indian IT professionals can offer their services on a project basis. The spectrum is very wide and ranges from a simple freelancer who works from home up to companies specialised in IT Outsourcing with thousands of employees.

Outsourcing4work can help you and your company take advantage of this new trend at a low cost, but with a high level of IT expertise on a project basis. It isn’t easy to find your way around the huge number of providers, especially for newbies to the field. Thanks to our many years of experience you can save both time and money, as well as keep the usual difficulties and issues to a minimum.

Whether traditional software developers for important programming languages, web agencies, app developers, game designers, database experts or professionals for Microsoft products like SharePoint, Dynamics and .NET – we can find excellent Indian professionals from any area who will perfectly match your needs. They can be hired flexibly on a temporary basis, for a fixed-price project or even as part of a team which will work exclusively for you. You can even have a branch (light) created just for you in India without needing to take any of the financial risks normally associated with it.

We will be by your side with our Scrum project managers throughout the implementation of your project, and will ensure professional implementation of all details. You can also rest easier with a contract with oursourcing4work: we act as a European contract partner – this guarantees legal certainty and less bureaucratic effort.