Indian Magento developers to save costs

German online shops like to use Magento.  German is no problem for the world’s leading shop software, just like any other language. Although Magento is developed in English, there is a flexible localisation system for Magento which lets an online shop be multilingual. Even if German is the only language needed, the localisation system will still be used.

The necessary adaptations to use Magento in German are generally done by a Magento agency or a contracted web developer. If you would like to separate the setup of the web shop from the localisation you can save on costs.

Localisation in Magento: German and other languages

Magento combines multiple locations where you can define translations. These are part of the three areas of the CMS where language customisation is needed.

Module-specific translations refer to the thousands of available extensions for Magento. German is almost never the default language. In some cases there are German adaptations which can be used to easily change the language.

Design templates determine Magento’s visual appearance, just like WordPress or other CMS. German is not often used in templates unless they have been designed specifically for you. Magento’s localisation system helps you make adaptations relatively easily.

Magento uses stored translations in CSV text files for single words or phrases for module-specific translations, as well as for design templates. These can be given over to an external translation agency for editing.

An expansion provides inline translation for what Magento manages in its own databases. Inline translation is used parallel with existing translations and is more or less placed at the top. If an inline translation exists for a specific term, module specific translations are ignored, including those for design templates.

As you can see, there are many ways to teach Magento German. When creating your online shop you can confidently expect it to be in English, however.

Indian Magento developers to save costs

Because you can always teach Magento German later, it is recommended to use a certified Magento service provider from India for the initial setup. This lets you save a large part of the high development costs.

Outsourcing4work can help you further and provide you with the right Magento agency from India. We have many years of experience with shop and CMS systems and have access to a large pool of highly qualified partners in the emerging IT nation. On request, we will also take over the project management and work together with you to create a solid offer with us as your contract partner.