German vs Indian game developer

German game developers earn between 2,800 and 4,000 euros a month, according to the salary database The salaries vary between the German federal states according to the different local demands.

It is therefore no surprise that the highest salaries are paid in the federal state of Hesse – nearly 4,000 euros. The largest German game developer has its headquarters in Frankfurt, and many other studios such as Silent Dreams and Black Pants are located in Hesse.

Do German game developers earn too much?

If you take a look at the very global game industry, it is apparent that a German game developer is rather more affordable then their colleagues in the USA or Canada. Whether developer, graphic designer/animation artist, game designer, producer, sound expert or game tester – in every category Americans earn between 50 to 100 percent more, according to Gamasutra.

This does not help a German game studio which wants to assert themselves in a booming and fast-moving market. Salaries are likely to increase for German game developers in the coming years. This means increasing cost pressure, as well as the increasing risk of losing experienced German game developers to competition both at home and abroad.

German game developers vs. Indian game developers

If you are looking for a German game developer, you can make a virtue out of necessity and help out your studio with targeted Outsourcing to India. Ask yourself which elements of your planned game title really require a German game developer, and which can be given over to an external provider.

Tasks for graphic designers, level designers or sound designers are perfect for this. For 3D games you can externally buy textures for specific objects rather than create them expensively with a German game developer in your own studio. Or sound effects for a mobile puzzle game and additional levels which only need to be clicked together from existing elements are another example. In the IT country India you will find experienced specialists for all of these tasks.

With skilful management you can pay your own permanent employees better thanks to overall lower costs, and accelerate the development process.

German game developers and Indian game developers

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