Who wouldn’t have fun? Try out the latest consoles and computer games before they are released on the market, and earn money for it! But it’s just a dream? Think again! Many software companies rely on part time game testers who test their innovations for errors or inconsistencies, or check ratings and age ratings. And because the entire thing is also great entertainment value, there are more and more amateurs on the market; gamers, who (hopefully) have enough technical knowledge and English language skills to not only find the errors, but also describe them.

Game tester needed – and how can you find these experts?

Such a part-time job isn’t just fun, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. It can quickly happen that the game testers – who are, after all, just amateurs and no software professionals – miss bugs in the game or new programs which are not quite compatible with the devices they should run on. And here’s the catch: the only ones who suffer are the companies who employ such amateurs. For this reason many companies prefer to rely on quality, rather than enthusiastic part-time gamers. This means professional game testers who have many qualifications, such as excellent experience, continuous further education and many years of experience. These professionals are becoming increasingly sought after, and are accordingly in short supply on the market, or are not available for a permanent position.

How can you find such an expert? Simple: with Outsourcing4work.

Professionalism with Outsourcing made in Germany.

Looking for a game tester? Look no further; Outsourcing4work supports clients in Europe with offshore Outsourcing. Professionalism, knowledge and quality of the provided professionals is most important for this service provider from German. A further advantage is the financial benefits that Outsourcing4work’s affordable solution of Outsourcing to India offers its clients. Outsourcing4work only works with reputable and renowned partner companies on the subcontinent, which is the world’s largest Outsourcing market. The Indian partner companies themselves employ only highly trained, experienced and permanently employed employees as game testers.

Outsourcing made in Germany offers companies security

The advantages that await software companies which use temporary employees from India:

  • Unlimited flexibility: You’re looking for a game tester, but don’t need to hire or let go anyone for the length of the project. You will have access to first-rate employees – only as many as you need and only as long as you need them for.
  • European contact person:You will find German and English speaking project managers at Outsourcing4work. You can depend on European work and office hours, contract which are written in German or English and are based in the European legal system.
  • Full availability: Game testers hired through Outsourcing4work are permanently employed at our partner companies. This means full availability and flexible reactions to peaks in orders. But the reverse is also true; if the demand for game testers slows down, you won’t need to let go any of your own employees.
  • Outsourcing4work takes care of the entire package: Outsourcing4work takes over all administrative tasks in the management of its clients projects
  • Value for money that’s just right: Only the time actually proven to be worked will be billed.
  • Outsourcing4work keeps you up to date: You will continuously be kept up to date on the goals reached and on the status of the project – guaranteed!

There are many reasons to rely on Outsourcing made in Germany. What do you think? Write to us!