Game Testers from India

Game testers are an important part of game development, especially for very large game titles which are extremely complex and have many different game modes, menus, options and possibilities.

Game testers find logic errors in game design, graphic bugs, performance problems, unexpected crashes, hardware incompatibilities, linguistic errors in translation and language output and much more – it is a long list of potential vulnerabilities in computer games. Unlike with other types of software, the testing process in computer games is not necessarily automated, and therefore requires a great deal of experience as a gamer, in addition to having a good eye.

Requirements for game testers

Usually only experienced gamers with hundreds or thousands of hours of gaming history are taken on as a game tester. A game tester’s experience plays a huge role, much more so than any formal qualifications or certifications. If a candidate already has experience working as a game tester for titles of the same genre, this is an excellent sign.

If they only have a few skills as a game tester, it’s still relatively simple to learn how to use the testing tools and documentation tools needed for the job.

A must for successful game tests are thought-out test instructions and the efficient use productivity tools to be able to have the results in an easily evaluable format later. A game tester has to play the game through normally in as many ways as possible, and test all the various missions, campaigns, roles, behaviour patterns and levels in each game, and document any irregularities in a specific format.

Game testers from India are more affordable

To receive feedback that is as realistic as possible, game testers are often employed as external employees or freelancers on a project basis. The entire exchange with the client usually takes place online and is not bound to a specific location.

This makes hiring offshore game testers from India especially interesting as these testers will only charge a fraction of the price that is normal in Europe. The cost advantage then makes it possible to conduct tests that are much more comprehensive for the same budget, and which would not be possible in Europe. At the end you then receive a successful and optimised project.

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